Are you looking for A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale?If Yes, you’re at the right place because, in this article, I will share a special Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer of A2 Hosting, which will give you a flat 67% discount.So don’t miss this tremendous opportunity and grab it now before it ends.

A2 Hosting Plan

Regular Prcie

Black Friday Price








Turbo Boost



Turbo Max



Note:- This deal will only live for the next 2-3 days, so if you miss this time, then you have to wait for next year which means twelve months in these twelve months you can start making passive income from your blog.

How to Activate A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020?

Step 1:- Visit This Special Link to activate a 67% Discount and click on Get started.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

Step 2:- Here you can select your hosting plan which fulfills your needs.

If you’re a beginner then I’ll recommend you go with the Drive plan of A2 hosting which will cost around $4.99 for a month but if you want to save your money then you should go with the 1 Year plan.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

Step 3:- On the next page you have to enter your domain name, if you haven’t a domain name then you can easily register it from this page.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

Step 4:- On the next page, you have to select your plan duration and server location. (If you’re from the USA, then 1st and 2nd server will be best for you, but if you’re from India or any other Asian country, Singapore will be best for you.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

Step 5:- On the next page, you have to fill some of your details and payment details, and you’re ready to rock in this blogging industry!

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

A2 Hosting Plans & Prices

1. Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting are divided into four categories – Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max.The startup plan is a basic plan of A2 Hosting, which costs around $2.99/month. If you’re a beginner, then it’s for you. Here you can only host one website.If you want to host multiple websites, then you can go with the other plans of shared Hosting provided by A2 Hosting.

2. VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting divided into three categories, which come up with different – different plans.The first plan is Core VPS, the second one is Managed VPS, and the third one is Unmanaged VPS. You can check their features by clicking here.

3. Reseller Hosting

A2 Hosting also offers Reseller hosting at an affordable price. Means if you want to host 3rd party websites, then you can go with their Reseller plans.The basic plan price is $13.19/month, which offers 30 GB SSD Storage, 400 GB Transfer, and a lot more, and the higher plan cost is $40.91/month, which offers 200 GB SSD Storage, 2000 GB Transfer and a lot more.

4. Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting are divided into three categories – Unmanaged servers, Core servers, Managed servers.

If you already have a well-established site and get a lot of traffic, then Dedicated hosting is best for you.

Why should you go for A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020?

If you’re confused about why you should go with A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale, then here’re some of the fantastic features of A2 Hosting, which makes it best for you.

1. Up to 20X Fastest Servers – We all know that the website’s speed matters a lot in rankings, and if you want to rank higher, then your website must load fast.

A2 Hosting provides you the best site speed performance, which will help you load your site faster.

In their shared hosting plans, you also get the option to get turbo SSD servers, which boost your website’s speed.

2. Guru Crew Support – A2 Hosting has a vast team to provide 24*7 quality support to their customers.They also offer a free toll-free number, which you can dial up and get support from them.

3. FREE Site Migration – If your site is hosted on any other hosting and you want to migrate it to A2 hosting, you don’t need to do anything. BecauseA2 Hosting team will migrate your site for free without any data loss.Isn’t it amazing?

4. Anytime Money Back Guarantee – Suppose you purchased the Hosting, but unfortunately, it doesn’t meet your expectation, then what you’ll do?You don’t have to worry about it because A2 offers anytime money-back guarantee means you can get your money back anytime without any question.

5. FREE SSL – We all know that an SSL certificate is essential for any website, and Google only gives importance to the sites that have an SSL certificate.The SSL certificate cost is around $40-$70, but here you’ll get it for free.A2 Hosting will give you a free SSL certificate, which will save your $40-$70!

6. Timely Backups – If you are using A2 hosting, you don’t need to worry about WordPress plugins to backup your entire site to Google drive or any other data storing platform.BecauseA2 Hosting will automatically backup your entire cPanel and database whenever you make any changes in your database.

FAQs For A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

1. When is the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale going live?

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal will live on 23rd November, where you can get a discount of up to 67%, and this deal will live only for some time. So Grab this deal before ending the offer.

2. Will I get an SSL certificate with the Hosting?

Yes! SiteGround offers you a FREE SSL certificate, which costs around $40-$70.

3. Why is A2 hosting good?

A2 Hosting provides amazing speed site performance, quality support, free SSL, anytime money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, etc. that’s why it’s a fantastic web hosting.

4. Can I get my money back if I don’t like hosting?

Yes! You can get your money back anytime if you don’t like their service without any questions.

5. What is the Renewal Price of A2 Hosting?

The renewal price is a little bit higher so if you want to save your money, you can go with one year or even 2 years’ plans it will save you a lot of money.

6. Does A2 Hosting offer free backups on WordPress hosting?

A2 Hosting free backups on their higher plans means you don’t have to worry about any WordPress plugins to take a backup of your site.


A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting for beginners and intermediates, which provides premium quality service at an affordable price.If you’re also planning to start a blog and looking for the best and affordable option, then A2 Hosting will be best for you.Don’t miss this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale; otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra money to get the same services.Thanks for visiting! If you’ve any queries or suggestions, then let us know in the comment section.

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