Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale [30% OFF] LIVE NOW

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Are you looking for Elementor Black Friday Deals?

Hey Folks! Today We're Presenting you the most Exclusive Deals and Discounts on Elementor Black Friday Sale 2020 Year.

This Year Elementor is giving huge discount on his all plans.

If you want to create a beautiful & user-friendly Website from scratch, Elementor will help you a lot to create your Dream Website in a very Quick and Easy way.

Elementor Plan

Regular Cost

Black Friday Offer











Elementor is the Free and Best WYSIWYG WordPress Page Builder with lots of features and Unique Designs you can customize your website very easily. 

So if you are Planning to Build Your Website then you have to install Elementor on your WordPress site.

And if you want advanced features like Pro templates, Header and Footer Customization, and many more features then you should go for Elementor Pro.

I have Given a Comparison below between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro.

So If you still have any doubt regarding whether to go for Elementor or not? Below there is an Explanation about Why to Choose Elementor.

Why To Choose Elementor Black Friday Sale

Why To Choose Elementor Black Friday Sale

Firstly By purchasing Elementor Pro in Black Friday Deal you are going to save a lot of money and purchasing by our link will save your time for analyzing the coupon code and all.

If you want your Website Design very unique and should be at a high level of design then Elementor Page Builder is the best option for Professionalism. 

Till now Elementor was the only Plugin that built Frontend Page with lots of Designs as well as Features you just need to Drag and Drop your Elements. 

In this Black Friday Sale Elementor Price will be so affordable as compared to present pricing. I will surely recommend you to jump into this sale and grab this wonderful opportunity.

How to Activate Elementor Black Friday Deal 2020

Step 1 - Click here to Activate Elementor Black Friday Deals.
Step 2 - Click on the Pricing option and choose your preferred plan according to your Budget and Needs.
Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Step 3 - Enter all the Personal Details which will be asked.
Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Step 4 - After entering all the details you will be redirected to the checkout page where you have to Finish the Payment.
Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

Step 5 - Done, You have successfully purchased Elementor Plugin for your WordPress Site with Pro Features.

If you want to know the Difference between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro Below I have very well explained about Comparison.

Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

Elementor is a Freemium Plugin it comes up with some free as well as pro features. Here is the Full Comparison between Elementor Free VS Elementor Pro.




Drag and Drop Facility

Editing with Mobile

Pro Templates

Creative Landing Pages

Popup Builder

Form Widget

Theme Elements

Dynamic Widgets

WooCommerce Widget

Contact Forms

Custom Messages



Single Product Template

Header and Footer Builder

Form Widget

Sticky Elements

Images Lightbox

Custom Fonts

So, I hope that you all get an Idea about the Free and Pro Features and just look at those Amazing Features that will Boost your Website Design and your way of creativity.

Elementor will not slow down your Website so without any worry you can utilise your Pro Tools on your Website. 

If you are Running an Online Business or Store I will suggest you this is the perfect time to invest in Business. 

Jump into Elementor Black Friday Sale and Purchase the Elementor Pro and get all the Pro Benefits that will make your website Advanced.

Advanced Features of Elementor

Elementor is the Best and First Page Builder Plugin for WordPress. We can easily create Beautiful Unique Designs and Layouts for our WordPress site. 

If you are not aware about Coding or Java no worry with the use of Elementor you just need to drag and drop your elements wherever you want. 

Here are the Features of Elementor:-

  1. Page Builder :- With the Use of Elementor you can Customise your Website according to your Needs and you can implement advanced designs on your site. You can edit your theme also with the Help of Elementor. 

  1. Online Store :- If you are running an Online Store with WooCommerce Plugin then Elementor allows you to Design and Edit your Woocommerce Store very easily. 

  1. Advanced Designed Templates :- Elementor has many Advanced Designed Templates that are Responsive as well as attractive in terms of Looking and the UI (User Interface) is just awesome. 

  1. 90+ Widgets :- Elementor comes up with lots of Widgets options that you can use on your Website. You can create any type of page you want to create for your Website. 

  1. Popup Builder :- With the Help of Elementor you can generate Leads for your Business by Generating Pop Ups on your Website. You can create your own well designed Popup with attractive designs as well as with advanced targeting options. 

  1. Forms Builders :- If you want to generate an Leads for your Business then for your website Contact Form must be there for the purpose of conversion. Elementor has many Pro Forms Widgets that allows you to create an Attractive Forms for your Website. 

  1. Blocks :- You Just need to Drag and Drop your Elements in your website and you can watch your website live while customising it. These features make it easy for those who don't have any knowledge about HTML and CSS.

  1. Full Site Edit :- Edit your entire website including Content, Header & Footer at one place with the use of Elementor. 

  1. Custom Colors :- If you want Custom Colors for your website then you can easily pick color for your site from Color Widget. You can customise your Background also by adding some CSS and Motion Effects. It will give you such an amazing effects for your website. 

  2. Landing Pages :- You can create your own Attractive Landing Pages for your website it will help you to get conversions for your website. It will help you a lot for Marketing purposes.

Comparison Between Regular Price & Black Friday Sale

Here is the Plans Pricing Comparison between Regular Price and Black Friday Sale Price.

Elementor Plan

Regular Cost

Black Friday Offer











If you purchase any of these Plans you will get regular free updates as well as Support for One Year and after completion of one year, you need to renew your plans. 

The most exciting feature about Elementor renewal is that you will get an additional discount of 25% at the time of Renewal.

So if you are a Beginner and Passionate about Website Creation then Personal Plan I will suggest you to go for.

On the Other Hand, If you are a Freelancer or a Group of Developers Plus Plan will be suitable and it comes with 3 websites usage.

And If you are running an Online Store or you have an agency like Web Development services, then you should go for an Expert Plan because it comes with 1000+ websites access.


If you are not satisfied by Elementor Features after purchase then they will offer a full money-back guarantee within 30 days. Tryout Elementor there is no risk of losing money.

Don't Miss this Wonderful Elementor Black Friday Deals.  Let me know in the comment section Which Plans you are going to Purchase in this Sale.


I hope that you got all the details regarding the Elementor Black Friday Sale. Don't miss this Exclusive Discount on Elementor Price. 

If somehow you missed the Elementor Black Friday Deals then you can get this Offer on Cyber Monday Sale.

I will suggest you to Grab this Wonderful Deal and you are going to save a lot of money from this Sale. Purchase Elementor Pro and make your Website Advanced as well as Unique. 

If you have any doubt regarding Elementor Plugin then you can Comment Down below. I will suggest the best option for you.

FAQs Elementor Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

1. What is Elementor Plugin?

Elementor is the First and Best WYSIWYG page builder for WordPress. It comes with Both Free and Pro Plans. 

2. How to Set up an Elementor for WordPress?

You need to Install the Elementor Plugin from Add New Plugin and Activate Elementor Plugin and Whenever you are writing a Post you will get an Button of Edit with Elementor.

3. Date of Elementor Black Friday Sale 2020?

The Elementor New Year Sale 2020 will be held between 27th November or 29th November 2020.

4. What will be Deals and Discounts on Black Friday Sale 2020?

You will get an Exclusive Discount upto 30% on Elementor and many more Tools.

5. Which theme will suit the Elementor? 

I will recommend you to use the Astra Pro theme with Elementor. It will give an attractive look to your website.

6. Does Elementor Support a Blogger Platform?

Elementor is a WordPress Page Builder and supports WordPress because Blogger didn't offer Plugin options.

7. Are there any Elementor Alternatives?

Yes there are alternatives for Elementor such as WP Bakery, Thrive Architect, Divi etc are some of the alternatives for Elementor. 

8. Elementor Pro Price in Black Friday Sale? 

If you are Purchasing Elementor Pro in Black Friday Sale you have to Pay ___ . 

9. Elementor Pro Coupon Code 2020

Elementor does not offer any coupon code instead of that they offer an 30% coupon code on Elementor Black Friday Deals.

10. Applying Elementor on Site will it slow down your Website? 

My answer will be No. Elementor ensures that the website shouldn't be slow in any terms. Delete all the unnecessary plugins and it will improve your website speed.

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