Today here I’m going to show you How To Optimize For Google’s Featured Snippets In 2020. It will help you to get more organic traffic to your website.

Ranking your content in search engines has become a chore, thanks to stiff competition online.

As well as sticking to traditional, organic search engine optimization techniques, you need to employ innovative tactics that will rank your content higher and steer traffic to your website.

A number of tactics exist to help out. However, one particular strategy that’s widely used by any reputed SEO expert or established marketer has featured snippets. Many businesses are harvesting the varied benefits of featured snippets for high content rankings.

Yet, the burning question remains: how to optimize for Google’s featured snippets?

What is Google’s Featured Snippet?

How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets in 2019?

It’s Google’s response to a question, displayed above search results. According to Google, featured snippets draw the attention of users on results pages. They’re easy to read and provide authoritative answers to a search query.

A featured snippet is a block that gets displayed on top of search results, containing a short answer summary along with a link pointing to the webpage. Featured snippets usually answer what, who, when, how, and why type questions.

Kinds of Featured Snippets

You’ll find 4 different types of these snippets.

  1. Paragraph snippets

    Paragraph snippets, the most prevalent type of snippet, are usually text answers in a block form. They could also feature a picture or image. These snippets answer what is/who is/how to type questions.

  2. List snippets

    They’re answers displayed in a step by step format, either in a bullet listing or numbered listing. List snippets answer questions on DIY tasks, recipes, and best of/how do I type questions.

  3. Table snippets

    They’re ideal for structured data In order to present better readability, Google could reformat the content in a table form. Such snippets answer queries on rates, pricing, and data

  4. Video snippets

    A question that meets the criteria to be answered by means of a video could feature this kind of snippet. Here, Google constructs answers from video or YouTube descriptions.

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Tips to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets

Before you start the optimization of snippets, here are important facts and tips that you may want to know about featured snippets.

If your webpage ranks higher from page 1 to page 10 of search engine results, there are high chances of getting featured. In case your webpage doesn’t rank in top 10 results, it’s impossible to get featured.

Google programmatically decides that a webpage contains a possible answer to a query, and shows the results in the form of a featured snippet. As such, having structured markup or adding special codes won’t increase your likelihood of getting featured.

Search questions for DIY processes, recipes, definitions, best of, reviews, and pricing get listed as featured results too often.

A quick guide to optimize featured snippets

Top 10 Tips for Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

1. Improve your overall SEO

How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets in 2019?

Since getting featured is only possible if your content gets higher rankings, it’s advised to adhere to best SEO practices. From title tags to keyword placement, make your content optimized for search engines. Also, work on fresh, high-quality content that’s readable, searchable, and consumable.

2. Figure out targeted keywords

Like any other content, getting a high ranking is possible with keyword targeting.

You ought to determine targeted keywords for your featured snippet no matter whether it’s a video snippet, paragraph snippet, listing snippet or table snippet.

You can find a feature snippet opportunity for your site in two ways – figure out keywords that are already ranking on top of search results or discover new opportunities using sophisticated tools.

How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets in 2019?

While doing research on keywords, concentrate on queries and target the most occurring words in the featured snippet.

That way, you stand a better chance of optimizing your snippet for better visibility.

3. Revise existing content

Instead of optimizing new content for featured snippets, it’s best to work on old content.

Revise old content to reply queries. Your old content might be high-ranking.

However, it’ll need a different approach in order to get featured. Add the targeted keyword in the opening paragraph.

It’ll be displayed as bold in the featured snippet. Also, add lists and summaries to prime the content for featuring.

4. Create new content strategically

Google loves fresh content with new ideas and assigns importance to content that’s relevant to user queries.

Search Google for more queries and monitor the trends across the World Wide Web to determine the new content strategy.

Come up with content that answers queries – what, who, how, where, why, and when – matching your industry, product, and website.

5. Organize queries properly

Simply crafting featured snippets won’t generate desired results. You need to organize the snippets tactically.

Structure the content as generic, specific, more specific queries to answer related as well as non-related questions.

Use compelling words to motivate users to click on the snippet to get to your site.

6. Be factual

Google prefers factual, well-structured, and number-driven content. So add maximum richness and color in terms of answers – dates, steps, ingredients, and numbers.

7. Answer queries clearly

Add the main query your content page is answering in the form of a heading or sub-heading. Also, be sure to answer it in a clear, concise manner. A word length of 45 to 50 is ideal to answer any question. You can then elaborate and structure your answer for easy reading.

8. Answer related queries simultaneously

Structure and write the content page in such a manner that it answers the primary query and any related query. In case a particular page gets featured for one query, it’s likely to get featured for related queries too. That established authority as well as credibility.

9. Add images/pictures

Use branded and eye-catchy images throughout your content piece. Also, update your image. That will help to optimize your content for image searches as well.

10. Monitor and get indexed

Monitor the queries constantly you’re featured for Also, make use of the Google search console and submit a page for re-indexing.

Conclusion – Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured snippets not only increase traffic and exposure, but also the relevancy of the traffic. Although getting featured isn’t easy, you may want to stick to optimization tips (listed above) to get your content featured.

For better optimization, hire an experienced SEO expert that can target informational content and add lists and summaries to answer queries directly and concisely. In this way, your featured snippet will be optimized for search engines as well as users.

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