Ever wondered, How to start a blog in 2024 and make money from it?

Well, you’re about to find out!

Starting a blog is not just fun, but it can also be your ticket to earning cash. 💰

I’ll guide you through every step in a super easy way.

Let’s get your blogging journey started and watch your pocket money grow!

TL;DR → How to start a Blog in 2024 (Quick Guide)

  1. Choose a Niche: Decide on a specific topic or area of interest for your blog.
  2. Pick a Hosting Service: Select a reliable hosting platform that suits your blog’s needs.
  3. Choose a Domain Name: Find a unique and relevant domain name for your blog.
  4. Design Your Blog: Set up the layout and appearance of your blog.
  5. Important WordPress Settings: Configure essential settings in WordPress for optimal performance.
  6. Customize the Theme and Install Plugins: Personalize your blog’s theme and add plugins to enhance functionality.
  7. Connect Google Search Console: Link your blog to Google Search Console for better SEO tracking and insights.
  8. Plan Your Contents: Brainstorm and outline your content strategy and topics.
  9. Write Your First Blog Post: Create and publish your inaugural blog post.
  10. Create an Editorial Calendar: Organize a schedule for consistent content creation and posting.
  11. Promote Your Blog: Use various strategies to increase your blog’s reach and audience.
  12. Monetize Your Blog: Explore and implement methods to generate income from your blog.

What is a Blog?

Think of a blog like an online diary or a magazine that anyone can create and write.

It’s a special place on the internet where you can share stories, thoughts, or teach others about things you know or love, like cooking, traveling, or even your daily life.

Just like there are many different kinds of magazines, there are also many types of blogs.

Some are like personal journals, and others are more like articles or guides.

Today, there are more than 600 million blogs on the internet, which shows how many people enjoy reading and writing them!

Reasons to Start a Blog in 2024

There are a lot of reasons that will motivate you to start a blog, but I think these are the main reasons why you should start one.

  • Share Your Passion: A blog provides a platform to express and share your interests and hobbies with a wider audience. It’s an effective way to engage with others who have similar passions, enhancing both personal fulfillment and community engagement.
  • Make Money Online: Blogging opens up various revenue streams. Through ads, you can earn by displaying advertisements from different companies. Sponsorships allow you to partner with brands and get paid for promoting their products. Affiliate marketing enables you to earn commissions by recommending products or services. Additionally, you can directly sell your own products or services, turning your blog into a business platform.
  • Create a Personal Brand: Blogging is a powerful tool for building and promoting your personal brand. It allows you to establish your unique voice, showcase your skills and expertise, and differentiate yourself in your chosen field or industry.
  • Promote Your Business, Product, or Service: A blog is an excellent platform for marketing your business, showcasing your products, or highlighting your services. It helps you reach a wider audience, attract potential customers, and establish credibility in your industry.

How Much Money Can Bloggers Earn?

Wondering how much money you can make blogging? Is it $100, maybe $1,000, or even more?

Let’s dive into the earnings of some successful bloggers for a better idea.

Take Abby Lawson, for example. She runs “Just a Girl and Her Blog“, focusing on lifestyle, organization, and productivity.

Abby earns over $41,000 a month from her blog. That’s a lot, right?

Abby Lawson’s blog Earnings

Then there’s Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of “Making Sense of Cents“.

She helps people earn and save more money.

Michelle’s monthly earnings? Over $120,000. Quite impressive!

Michelle Schroeder’s blog Earnings

Feeling inspired to earn a passive income like Abby and Michelle? Keep reading this article to learn how you can achieve similar success with your blog.

So without any further due let’s dive into this ultimate guide to start a blog in 2024.

Step 1 – Choose a Niche For Your Blog

A niche is like a specific subject or theme for your blog. It’s the main topic you’ll write about and the focus of your content.

Picking the right niche is the very first and super important step in starting your blog.

Here’s why: If you choose a great niche, your blog can grow quickly. But if you don’t pick the right one, it might be tough to succeed in blogging.

I get loads of messages on Instagram asking things like:

  • How do I pick a good niche?
  • Which niche can make me a lot of money fast?
  • What are the most profitable niches?

I get it, these are big questions, especially for beginners. But remember, focusing only on money might not lead you to success.

Narrow down your interests

Here’s an easy way to choose a profitable niche:

  • Take a pen and paper and write down 50 things you’re interested in and can talk about.
  • Now, pick the top 5-6 things from your list that you’re most excited about.

Great! You’ve got your top 5-6 interests.

Now, let’s see if they’re good for your blog.

Ready for some questions?

Question 1: Can You Stay Interested?

Can you write about your chosen niche for 3 months without getting bored?

Remember, blogging is a real business.

It grows over time, and you need to keep creating new content.

If you get bored easily, it might not be the right niche.

Question 2: Are People Interested?

Is anyone else interested in your niche?

It’s important to choose a topic people are searching for.

To check this, use a tool called ‘Keyword Everywhere‘.

It’s a browser extension that shows how many people are looking for your topic online.

For example, if you pick “Learn guitar,” search it in Google with Keyword Everywhere installed to see if it’s popular.

Question 3: Is It Profitable Niche?

Can your niche earn you money? That’s a big question.

Here’s how to find out:

  • Are other blogs in this niche making money?
  • Can you do affiliate marketing in this niche?
  • Can you create and sell products like courses, e-books, or digital products?

If answer of any of these questions is “YES” then Congratulations, you have find a perfect niche for your site.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

Select A Good Domain Name For Your Blog

NOTE: We will select domain name in step 3, I’m going to explain it here to avoid any confusion.

A domain name is your blog’s address on the internet.

It’s what people type into their browser to find your blog.

For example, in “www.example.com,” “example.com” is the domain name.

It’s unique to your site and acts as your online identity.

Tips for choosing a great domain name:

  • Keep it short and memorable, like “QuickCook.com” instead of “EndlessCookingAdventures.com.”
  • Use keywords related to your niche, for example, “TechInsights.com” for a technology blog.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens; they can cause confusion. Go for “GardenGrow.com” rather than “Garden-Grow123.com.”
  • Make it brandable and catchy, like “FashionFiesta.com.”
  • Always aim for a .com domain. It’s the most recognized and easy to remember.

Now, let’s move to step 3 where we’ll choose hosting then select then domain name.

Step 3: Pick a Hosting Service

Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Your Blog At Affordable Price

After choosing your blog niche and deciding your domain name, the next step is to pick a hosting service.

This is like finding a home for your blog on the internet.

A hosting service is where your blog ‘lives’ online.

It’s important to choose a good one because it affects how fast your blog loads, how often it’s available online, and how much content you can put on it.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Reliability: Make sure the hosting service is reliable with high uptime. Uptime is how often your blog is available online. You want this to be as close to 100% as possible.
  • Speed: Your blog should load quickly. If it’s slow, visitors might leave before they even see your content.
  • Customer Support: Good customer service is crucial. If you have a problem with your blog, you’ll want quick and helpful support.
  • Scalability: As your blog grows, your hosting needs might change. Look for a service that can grow with you.
  • Price: There are many hosting services with different price ranges. Some offer discounts for the first year or have plans that change as your blog gets bigger.
  • User-Friendly: Especially if you’re a beginner, you’ll want a hosting service that’s easy to use with a simple setup process.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you! 😃

After looking into various options, I highly recommend Bluehost for your blog hosting.

It’s user-friendly, reliable, and perfect for beginners and experienced bloggers alike.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase and set up your hosting with Bluehost:

1. Visit Bluehost Website

Click on this link to visit Bluehost website and click on the “Get Started Now” button.

2. Select a Plan

Bluehost offers different plans depending on your needs. The Basic plan is great for new bloggers. Click on the “Select” button to choose your plan.

3. Register Your Domain

Enter your domain name in the left box and click on the “Next” button to get your free domain name from Bluehost.

4. Fill in Your Details

Once you’ve chosen your plan and domain, you’ll need to enter your personal information like name, email address, country, etc.

5. Review & Complete the Purchase

In package extra section, only select the “Domain Privacy” and uncheck all other things.

Now, complete your purchase.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with login details to your Bluehost account.

6. Install WordPress

  • Log in to your Bluehost account.
  • Go to the ‘My Sites’ section and click on ‘Create Site’.
  • Enter the details for your new WordPress site, like the site name and tagline.
  • Choose the domain you want to install WordPress on from the dropdown menu.
  • Click ‘Next’, and Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you.

Once the install is complete click the “Log into WordPress” button on the top right to be logged-in to the administrator area of your blog.

Step 4: Design Your Blog

When you’re setting up your blog, think of the design like choosing the right outfit for a special occasion.

It needs to look good, feel right, and make a great impression.

That’s where a theme comes in.

In blogging, a theme is like your blog’s outfit. It decides how your blog looks, from colors and fonts to where your posts show up.

GeneratePress Theme is great for beginners.

It lets you change how your blog looks without needing to be a tech expert.

You can play around with colors, change how your text looks, and arrange things just the way you want.

How To Purchase GeneratePress Theme?

Step 1: Visit This Special Link to activate 61% off on GeneratePress Premium.

Step 2: Click on the ADD TO CART button.

Step 3: Choose payment method from Paypal and Credit Card.

Step 4: Enter your personal details like name, email etc.

Step 5: Check these two boxes to accept their terms and conditions and click on the PURCHASE button and done your payment

After purchasing the GeneratePress theme, you will see two files there first one is the theme and the second one is the plugin. You have to download both files.

How To Install GeneratePress Premium?

After purchasing the theme now it’s time to install it into your WordPress site.

Follow these simple steps to install GeneratePress Theme and Premium plugin into your WordPress site.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Go to appearance section and click on the theme option.

Step 3: Click on the ADD NEW option

Step 4: Click on the upload file option and select your theme which you have downloaded.

Step 5: Click on INSTALL NOW button and wait few seconds.

Congrats! Now you have successfully applied the GeneratePress theme on your blog now it’s time to activate the premium version of the theme.

How To Install And Activate The Premium Plugin?

Step 1 :- Login to your WordPress Dashoboard.

Step 2 :- Go to plugin section and select the add new option from popup menu.

Step 3 : – Click on add new button select your plugin and upload it.

That’s it!

How To Activate GeneratePress License Key?

Step 1: Login to WordPress. Go to appearance >> Theme >> GeneratePress.

Step 2: Enter your license key into this area (See image).

Now you have successfully installed the GeneratePress Premium on your wordpress website.

It is looking very big process but when you’ll do it it will take only few minutes.

Step 5: Important WordPress Settings to Do

Important Settings To Do After Installing WordPress

After installing wordpress and designing the theme now it’s time to do some basic settings.

I have seen many bloggers they are not doing these setting due to which they have to face many difficulties.

General WordPress Settings

Go to setting section and click on the General option.

Here you will see a lot of options and you have to fill all of these things correctly because if your basic settings will be wrong then maybe you have to face some problems.

So do these settings carefully!

In the General option you have to give a site title and a site tagline and you can also select timezone and date fromat if you want to do (I’ll suggest you to do).

Reading Setting

Here you will see a setting a Search Engine Visibility. Always keep in mind that you should never check this box.

Because, if you will check this option Google will never rank your any article. Even Google will not index your articles.

So be careful about this option.

It’s very important to change your permalinks settings. Because permalink matters a lot in ranking.

There are a lot of options like Plain, Date and Time, Month and Name, Numeric and Post Name.

Here I’ll recommend you to select you “Post Name” option because it makes your article more SEO friendly.

Let me show you example of all these options:

Suppose I’m writing an article on “How To Start A Website?” then what will be my permalink in different conditions

Example 1 (Plain) :- https://exactblogging.com/?p=123

Example 2 (Day and Name) :- https://exactblogging.com/2024/09/06/how-to-start-a-website/

Example 3 (Month and Name) :- https://exactblogging.com/2024/09/ how-to-start-a-website /

Example 4 (Numeric) :- https://exactblogging.com/archives/123

Example 5 (Post Name) :- https://exactblogging.com/ how-to-start-a-website/

Now let me know which one is looking good obviously last one because it shows what is the main goal of that link.

That’s it now you have successfully done all the basic setting now it’s time to customize your GeneratePress Theme to make it yours.

Step 6: Customize The Theme & Install Plugins

How To Customize Your Theme

Now I’m going to tell you how can you upload your own logo, how can you create menus and many more things.

If you want to upload your logo in the theme to make it yours then go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity

Here you will a option of Logo you can upload your logo here very easily.

If you want to change colors of your theme then Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Color

And here you can change your theme colors according to you.

Also there are a lot of options which you can use to make your theme more professional if you are getting any problem in customization then you can simply contact their support staff.

If you need any help from me just email me and I’ll reply and help you within 24 business hours.

Must-Have Plugins And Tools For Starting A Blog

Apart from WordPress plugins, you should use some tools for your blogging success. Some of these tools provide lifetime access for a small one time fee. So, must check these best lifetime deals.

1) Akismet Anti-Spam

This is an Anti spam plugin which helps you to stop spam comments on your website.

You can use this plugin free of cost just go to your pugin seaction and install it from there.

2) Rank Math SEO

This is a SEO plugin which helps you to optimize your content to rank higher on google.

This plugin is also free of cost and you can install it from plugin section.

Personally I’m using this plugin and this plugin has a lot of features which no one is giving in free of cost.

3) reSmush.it Image Optimizer

This is an image optimizer plugin which will help you to optimize your website images.

We all know that website speed matters a lot this plugin will help you to speed up your website speed by reducing page size.

4) Social Snap

This is a social sharing plugin which will help you to get more traffic from social media.

This plugin is freemium means you can use it free of cost or you can also purchase their upgraded version.

5) UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

This plugin will help you to backup of your wordpress website personally I’m using it and it’s amazing.

You can automate this plugin to take backup daily, weekly or monthly.

6) Wordfence Security

Security matters a lot in all online and offline works.

Wordfrence Security plugin will help you to save your webiste from hacking.

I’m using this plugin since last few dasy and it’s working extremely well fro me.

7) WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium plugin which will help you to boost your website speed.

I’m ussing this plugin since last few months and it’ amazing I’ll recommend you to use this plugin.

Because if you want to rank higher on google then your website speed should be under 3 seconds.

8) Contact Form 7 / WP Forms Lite

These plugins will help you to create contact us page in a short time of period.

And it will not effect your website speed so you can use these plugins without any hesitation.

9) Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

I’m using this plugins since last 2 months and it’s amazing it will help you to design your articles like a pro.

As I said earlier Content is King but without design content is nothing so use this plugin to make your content more attractive.

10. RankMath Plugin

If you want to rank higher on Google then you have to use a SEO plugin because these plugin help us to optimize our content for Google.

There are a lot of SEO plugins available on internet but personally I have used two plugins the number one is Yoast SEO and the second one is Rank Math.

Currently I’m using Rank Math because it has a lot of feature which other plugins are not giving in their free version.

And I’ll also recommend you to use Rank Math SEO plugin.

How To Install Rank Math?

If you want to install Rank Math in your wordpress website then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Plugins >> Add new

Step 2: Search Rank Math in the search bar and active the plugin after installing it.

After installing the plugin you have to do some setting which you can easily do by this Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings Guide.

Step 7: Connect Google Search Console

Submit Your Website In Google Search Console

If you want that Google index your website then you will have to submit it in Google Search Console.

Google search console is the official product of google which helps bloggers to see the performance of their website.

This tool shows you, mobile usability, sites linking to your site, ranking keywords and many more things.

If you want to know more about Google Search Console then check this ultimate guide Google Search Console : The Definitive Guide

How To Submit Your Site In Google Search Console

Step 1 :- First Go to search console and click on start now button.

Step 2 :- Login with your email and password.

Step 3 :- Click on add property and type your URL and click on CONTINUE button.

How To Verify Your Site

After clicking on CONTINUE button you’ll see some options to verify your website.

There are a lot of methods to verify your site like:

  • HTML Tag
  • Domain Name Provider
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Personally I’m using HTML Tag method to verify my all the sites. This method is very easy even if you’re a beginner then you don’t have to do any technical work to verify this.

Just click on HTML tag and you will get a code of google site verification just copy this code and go to your Wp dashboard.

Go to your Rank Math dashboard and click on Search Console option and paste your code in the box.

Then go to Google Search console and click on VERIFY button.

Now you have successfully learned how to connect your website with Google Search Console let’s move on.

Step 8: Keyword Research To Plan Content

Keyword Research To Rank Quickly

Keyword research is a very important step to get organic traffic to your website.

If you will not do proper keyword research then it will be very hard to rank your articles on Google.

So before writing any article you all have to do a proper keyword research to rank your articles quickly on all the search engines.

Basically, there are mainly three types of keywords the first one is short tail keyword, the second one is medium tail keywords and the last on is long tail keywords.

Keywords Research banner. Laptop with a folder of documents and graphs and key. Vector flat illustration

Let me show you example of all the types of keywords:

Short tail keyword – “WordPress themes”

Medium tail keyword – “Top 10 WordPress themes”

Long tail keywords – “Best wordpress themes for fitness blog

Now you’re thinking which types of keywords will be best for me then I’ll recommend you to work on Long tail keywords because these types pf keywords are very easy to rank.

Benefits of Keyword Research

  • Keyword research will help you to get highly targeted traffic to your website.
  • Proper keyword research will help you to rank your articles without any backlinks.
  • Keyword research will help you to earn more money from your blog.

How to Do Keyword Research?

Well, there are a lot of keyword research tools available like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Keyword Everywhere, Ubersuggest etc.

Personally I’m using Ahrefs and Ubersuggest to do keyword research and you also use them.

How To Do Find Long Tail Keywords Using Ahrefs?

Now we’re going to learn an easiest way to find long tail keywords to rank higher.

Step 1 :- Go to Ahrefs and click on site explorer.

Step 2 :- Now you have to enter the URL of famous site in your niche and click on search button.

Now you will see all the data of that particular website like their backlinks, organic keywords, traffic, DR, UR etc.

Step 3 :- Click on Top Pages Section

Here you will see a lot of web pages,

Step 4 :- Click on Keywords option to sort in descending order.

Now focus on traffic, keywords, top keywords, referring domain , volume and position.

You have to make sure that:

  • Pages must ranked in top 5 for the top keywords
  • They should rank for lots of keywords
  • The pages should have high traffic

Step 5 :- Click on word count and add filter like shown in the below image (Enter 4 to 8)

Now here we goes, these keywords are very easy to rank and you can work on these keywords.

If you want to know more about keyword research then visit my ultimate guide to do keyword research.

Useful Resources For Keyword Research

Step 9: Write Your First Blog Post

Start Writing Your First Blog Posts

Now it’s time to write your first blog post and share your knowledge with world.

So, now we’re going to learn how can we publish our first post and I’ll also tell you how can you write awesome blogpost to rank higher.

Go to Posts >> Add new to write your first blog post.

Here you will an interface something like this.

Follow these steps to write and publish your first blog post:

Step 1:- First write your title in the box given at the top.

Step 2 :- Below you will see a big box here you can write your article if you want to add images or any other media just click on add media and select your file to add in your article.

Step 3 :- At the right side, you will see an option of permalink you can change it according to you.

Step 4 :– Below permalink, you will see an option of Categories and tags here you can categorize your article and also you can write tags.

Step 5:- Below tags there is a option of featured here you can set a featured image for your blog post.

Now you are all done if you want to publish your article just click on Publish button given at the top in the right side.

Congratulations your first blog post is live!

If you’re struggling while writing articles for your blog then checkout this amazing guide on How to write Breathtaking Blog Posts: The PEN Framework

If you’re enjoying this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Step 10: Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog Posts To Get Instant Traffic

Now you have done almost all the things from starting a blog to publishing your first blog post.

After creating your blog you have to publish content and only content for 30 days but after 30 days what you would have to do.

So, now it’s time to promote your blog post and get some traffic to your website.

I have seen most of the new bloggers ignore this step but it is very necessary to promote your content like a pro.

But the main problem is that how can we do it then here’s a solution for you just follow my these 5 tips to promote your blog posts.

1) Publish Your Content on Quora – Quora is a forum website where you can ask your questions and also you can give answer of other questions.

Well, I have realize one thing if you’ll give your time on quora then you will get a huge amount of traffic from quora.

Quora will also help you to increase your domain authority which will help you to get more sponsorships.

You have to write 4-5 answers daily on quora by giving a link in one answer to get highly targeted traffic from quora.

2) Social Media Promotion – Social media is one of the best way to get traffic to your website.

Even 30% of traffic on Exact Blogging is coming from social media so now you can imagine the power of social media.

If your content is related to joke, the latest news then social media has power to viral your content without spending money.

Use Facebook Group/Your Profiles :- You can promote your content in facebook groups and also in your profile by using proper hashtags.

Use Instagram :- In today’s time Instagram is also an amazing way to get instant traffic to your website even I’m also using instagram and getting a good amount of traffic + clients from there.

Make Videos On Youtube:- Youtube is an amazing way to get a huge amount of traffic to your website. So, convert your text form article into youtube videos. Be consistence on youtube for next 30 days and see the result.

3) Conduct Interview – Conducting interview of other famous bloggers in your niche is also a good way to get instant traffic to your website.

Even in starting I have also conducted interview of other bloggers in my niche to get some boost for my website.

4) Make Expert Roundup Posts – Expert roundup is one of my favorite method to boost any new website. Even when I have started I have also conducted a roundup on 21+ Experts Guiding To Rank On Google.

This article helped me to get some audience for my new website and it also helped me to connect with other blogger in my niche.

5) Build Email List – Not building an email list is one of the most common mistake by newbie bloggers.

But I think you should not repeat this mistake more because if you have an email list then you can earn a lot of money.

Right now I have an email list of over 1100 peoples. So start doing it from today, not from tomorrow, start it from today.

I hope these tips will help you to promote your content in a right way.

Well, now you have a proper knowledgfe of all the things but now the main question is that how can we earn money from blogging.

Let’s move on!

Step 11: Monetize Your Blog

Perfect Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Monetization is the most important part because we all came to this industry to earn money. So “which methods are available to monetize our blog” this questions will be definitely in your mind.

Well, there are lots of ways to monetize your blog some of them are as follows:

1) Ad Networks – Ad networks like Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Popads are the best way to earn money from your blog by showing ads on your website.

If you’re a beginner and want to start earning from your blog then Google Adsense is one of the best way.

But, I’ll not recommend you to depend on Google Adsense because some time Adsense got banned.

And you cannot earn a good amount of money from Ad networks according to your traffic.

2) Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is my favourite way to earn money from my blog and you can also use this to earn money from your blog too.

Even if your traffic is low, you can make a good income by affiliate.

Now a days amazon affiliate website is on the boom and even other blogger are earing over $100,000 from affiliate so why you can’t.

3) Sponsorships – Sponsorships is also a good method to earn money from your blog. Right now I’m getting many sponsorships for my website.

Sponsors can pay you a good amount of money according to your website traffic and reputation.

4) Sell Digital Services – You can also sell digital services like course, ebooks through your blog.

You can make a course in your expertise and sell it in a good amount.

FAQs: How To Start A Blog in 2024

How much does it cost to start a blog?

It will cost around $15 to start a blog if you’ll buy hosting plan of one month which costs around $3.95 but I’ll recommend you to go with one year hosting plan. it will be good for you one year plan will cost around $47.4

Is it too late to start a blog?

No, it’s not too late. Blogging is still worth is 2024. If you’ll plan the right content and target the right keyword that you can easily get traffic and sales through your blog.

How do I start a blog with no money?

If you do not have money to start a blog then you can go with blogger but I’ll not recommend you to start with blogger because there are a lot of limitations and also hrad to rank your articles.

How Long Should blog post be?

It depends on what’s the avg length of articles currently ranking in SERP. If average length of articles ranking on the 1st page is around 1900 words. So, if you also want to rank on the 1st page then you’ll also have to write at least 2000 words.

What is the best free blogging platform?

Well, I’ll not recommend you to go with free blogging platforms but still, if you want to use them then blogger.com, wordpress.com, weebly.com, tumblr.com etc are the best platforms to start your free blog.


So, this was the ultimate guide on How to start a money making blog In 2024.

I hope this guide will definitely help you to start your own blog if you have any query then you can mention it in the comment section below.

Here are some guide that will help you after starting your blog:

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