Do you want to earn $1000+ monthly through Micro Niche Blogging without doing hard work then keep reading this article?

Hey bloggers, welcome to another amazing guide that will help you to earn a passive income.

Have you ever heard the name of the micro-niche blog I think you heard about it because now many people are doing it and earning a huge amount of money?

And after this article, you can also earn a huge amount of passive income through the micro-niche without doing hard work.

So without any further due let’s dive right in!

What Is Micro Niche Blogging?

Before knowing anything about micro niche blogging first of all we have to do what is a micro niche but before knowing this we have to understand what is niche.

In simple words, a niche is a specific topic you’ll write/make a video or publish about on your blog.

And micro-niche is a very small part of a niche, In general niche, we cover many topics but in a micro-niche, we only have to cover a specific topic.

For example:

My site is about SEO, Link Building, Blogging Tips etc it means my site is a niche site where I cover topics related to blogging.


In micro niche blogging, I’ll only cover a specific topic like keyword research or only link building. This means my full website will be only about link building and I’ll not publish any different articles on that blog.

I hope now you have understood what is micro niche blog and what is the difference between a niche and a micro-niche blog.

Why You Should Start Micro Niche Blog?

This question will be definitely in your mind that why should we start a micro niche blog so let’s know about it!

Micro Niche Blogging

The main reason behind starting a micro-niche blog is to rank your articles quickly on google without any hard work and generate a good amount of revenue from it.

Do you know how much time it will take to rank your micro niche blog? What you thought let me know in the comment section below!

Well, you can rank your micro niche blog within 1-2 months on the first page or even first position of google for that specific keyword.

Yes, it’s possible but you have to do your work strategically means you have to find a good niche for your blog.

But, you don’t have to worry about this because I’ll teach you how to do keyword research for finding a good niche. I’ll also share with you 100+ best blog niches ideas that will make your work very easy so stay tuned with us.

Advantages Of Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blog Advantages
Micro Niche Blog Advantages
  • You can rank your article without any effort. On-Page SEO is enough to rank your micro blog’s.
  • You don’t have to publish hundreds of blog posts on your blog. 10-15 posts are enough.
  • You’ll get highly targeted visitors from which you can earn a good amount of money.
  • Affiliate marketing will be very easy on micro niche blogs.
  • There will be no competition in your niche so it will make your work very easy.
  • You can start making money if you only have 100 visitors on your blog.
  • It’ll give you results within 1-2 months.

Disadvantages Of Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blog Disadvantages
Micro Niche Blog Disadvantages
  • A micro-niche blog is not for long term purpose means apart from a micro-niche blog you should also start your parent blog for future. Check our ultimate guide on how to start a blog.
  • The traffic will be low on micro niche blogs but if you’ll follow this guide then you can earn a good amount of income in low traffic.
  • You have to update your content regularly to stay away from outranking.
  • Building backlinks from high authority websites will be likey hard.

How To Start A Micro Niche Blog With Siteground

So finally now we are going to create a micro-niche blog from start to end. We’ll cover all the things from starting a blog to earning money.

So let’s start!

1) Profitable Niche Selection + Keyword Research

Niche Selection For Micro Niche Blog
Niche Selection For Micro Niche Blog

This is the most important and very crucial part to start a successful micro niche blog.

Well, selecting a micro-niche is very easy and you can find a good niche in 2-3 hours but sometimes it can take a day or even 5-10 days.

But today here I’m going to show you total 4 methods that will help you to find your micro-niche very easily in a short time.

Method 1 – How To Find Micro Niche Using Amazon

Amazon is one of my favorite tools for finding a good niche even I’m also using it for finding keywords for my websites.

Let’s know-how can you use it for your benefit!

Step 1 – Visit official website of Amazon by clicking here.

Amazon Niche Finding

Step 2 – Click on the three lines given at the top on left side. (Here you will see a lot of categories)

Step 3 – Click on any category you want to work on.

For example, I have opened a category of Indoor Lightning

Here you’ll see many keywords, for example, I have selected a keyword from here which is “LED Bulbs”.

Step 4 – Now go to any keyword research tool, here I’m using Ubersuggest because it’s free and anyone can use it.

Step 5 – Type your keyword select country and click on search button.

This keyword will definitely high competitive but we can find some amazing keywords from this, let’s find out.

Step 6 – Click on the keyword ideas button.

 Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

Here you will see a lot of keywords you can choose the keywords which have the seo difficulty below 20.

These keywords are easy to rank and you can start your micro-niche blogs on these topics.

Method 2 – Using Google Auto Suggest

This is one of my favorite methods for finding keywords because of it very easy and saves a lot of time.

Let’s know how to use it!

Step 1 – Open Google and type of keyword

Step 2 – After typing the keyword press space button and google will suggest you keywords as shown in the image given below.

Google Auto Suggest

These keywords are very beneficial and by little research, you can find an amazing keyword through this method.

You can also do the same thing in the bing search bar and also in youtube and amazon search bar.

Method 3 – Answer The Public

This is one of my favorite methods for finding keywords for my blog. Even I’m also using it for finding keywords for my site Exact Blogging.

And I think Answer the public will definitely help you to get amazing keywords for your micro niche blog.

Let’s know how can you use this tool for finding low competition and profitable keywords:

Step 1 – Visit Answer the public by clicking here!

Step 2 – Now enter your seed keyword in the search bar and also select your language.

Answer The Public

Note: If you don’t know what are seed keywords and how to find them then you can check out this amazing guide by Authority Hacker.

When you’ll click on the search button you’ll get a lot of keywords now you have to analyze those keywords.

Answer The Public Keywords

Which you can do by Ubersuggest or Ahrefs!

Still, if you’re not getting any niche then answer these questions which I have given below:

  • What is something you have bought online recently?
  • What is something you purchased at the store recently?
  • What is a question you have asked a friend for advice on recently?
  • What is something you cook/make often? (niche recipe sites are excellent).
  • What is something you’ve typed into Google recently?
  • What is an item you spent a lot of time researching/shopping for?
  • What was something that stressed you out recently that you needed help with?
  • What is something you’ve bought that has made your life easier?
  • What is something your friends are really into or spend a lot of money on?

Things You Have To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Niche

Keyword Competition – Whenever you do keyword research for your micro niche blog keep in mind that the keyword you are selecting may be less competitive. If you will choose a high competitive keyword then it would be difficult to rank on that keyword.

Keyword Competition

Search Volume – Search volume shows, how many times a keyword is being search in a month or a year. This is also a very important factor to keep in mind because if you will work on a keyword that has zero search volume then what will be for your benefit?


So, always choose a keyword that has a minimum 1000 search volume monthly.

Search Volume

SERP Difficulty – This is one of the most important factor to keep in mind. This is the manual method to check the difficulty of any keyword, with the help of this method you can know that the keyword you have chosen is really hard or not.

 SERP Difficulty

Because sometimes the keyword is hard but ahrefs and ubersuggest are showing that the keyword has low competition.

So always analyze the SERP difficulty while doing keyword research for your blogs.

Long Tail Keywords – Always keep in mind that the keyword you’re choosing must below the tail. Because these types of keywords are likely easy to rank and you can rank them within a month by small efforts.

2) Domain & Web Hosting

Domain & Hosting Selection For Micro Niche Blog
Domain & Hosting Selection For Micro Niche Blog

After picking up the niche now it’s time to purchase a domain and web hosting to set up your website.

In micro niche blogging I’ll recommend you go with Exact Match Domain (EMD). Because these types of domains will help you to grow your blog faster.

For example,

If my niche is laptop skin guards then my domain will be like I hope now you have understood which type of domain you should buy to rank quickly.

NOTE: You should never take a domain that has the name of a big company like Amazon, Flipkart, pubg, etc. Because if you do this then your domain can suspend by Google anytime.

You can buy the domain from Godaddy, namecheap or any other domain providers, But I personally recommend you to go with Godaddy.

Now after buying a domain name now it’s time to purchase an amazing and reliable hosting for your micro-niche blog.

Well, there are many hosting companies available like A2 Hosting, Hostgator, Hostinger etc but I would always recommend you to go with Siteground.

Because it has a lot of features their speed is awesome and their support is unbelievable so go with the siteground.

Want to see why SiteGround is best to visit here!

How To Purchase Hosting From SiteGround

Step 1: Visit this Special link to get 70% off on Siteground plans.

In starting I’ll suggest you go with the shared hosting plans. Siteground has three different plans of shared hosting.

The first one is Startup which costs around $3.95 monthly the second one is Grow Big which costs around $5.95 and the third one is Go Geek which costs around $11.95.

I’ll suggest you go with the 1-year plan of Grow Big plan because it has a lot of features that the startup plan doesn’t have.

But if you don’t have enough to invest then you can go with the startup plan.

Step 2: Enter your domain name

Micro Niche Blogging

Step 3: Fill your personal details or payment details.

Step 4: Agree all the terms and conditions of Siteground and click on Pay Now button and make your payment.

After a few seconds you’ll get an email from SiteGround with all the credentials like cPanel login, nameservers, etc.

How To Connect Domain With Hosting

After purchasing the hosting now it’s time to connect it with your domain.

Copy the nameservers of Siteground and paste it in your domain DNS settings

SiteGround Nameservers


Helpful Resource: How to Point a Domain Name to Your Site By Sitebeginner

Install WordPress & Basic WordPress Settings

After connecting your domain and hosting now it’s time to install wordpress on it. Let me explain to you how to do it step by step,

Step 1:- Login to your cPanel with your username and password.

Micro Niche Blogging

Step 2:- Go to the Softaculous app installer and choose the WordPress option.

Micro Niche Blogging

Step 3:- After clicking on the WordPress icon you will see an interface something like this now you have to click on install WordPress.

Micro Niche Blogging

Step 5: After clicking on Install Now you’ll get an interface something like this here you’ll have to give a title, username, password, and email for your site.

After filling all the details click on Install WordPress button.

Micro Niche Blogging

Now you have successfully installed WordPress. If you want to open your dashboard just go to this URL ( and enter your login details.

Micro Niche Blogging

That’s it!

After installing wordpress now it’s time to do some basic settings.

These settings are compulsory but still many bloggers are not doing this but you do not have to do this mistake.

So let me know you what you have to do!

Step 1:- Go to setting section and click on the General option.

In the General settings, you’ll have to fill some basic details like site title and site tagline and you can also select your site language and time zone.

Micro Niche Blogging

All the settings are very important and you have to fill all the things correctly.

So do these settings carefully!

Step 3 :- Leave Discussion, Reading, Writing and Media options and click on the permalinks option.

It’s very important to make your permalink SEO friendly, Because permalink matters a lot in ranking.

There are a lot of types of permalink like Plain, Date and Time, Month and Name, Numeric and Post Name.

Here I’ll recommend you select the “Post Name” option because it makes your article more SEO friendly and user-friendly.

Micro Niche Blogging

Best Theme For Your Blog

After installing WordPress now it’s time to install a good looking and simple theme for your blog.

In micro-niche, blogging design doesn’t matter a lot so you can use any simple theme for your niche blog.

I’ll suggest you to use GeneratePress becuase it is very lightweight and very fast.

If you have money to invest in themes then you can go with the premium version of GeneratePress. Even I’m also using GeneratePress Premium on all my blogs and my experience with this is amazing.

Best Plugins You Must Use

1) Akismet Anti-Spam

Micro Niche Blogging

Akismet is a spam filtering plugin for WordPress which will help you to reduce spam on your site.

This plugin is absolutely free and you can use it without paying any cost.

2) Rank Math SEO

Micro Niche Blogging

There are a lot of SEO plugins available in the wordpress plugins library but I’ll recommend you to use Rank Math.

Because it has a lot of features which others are not giving. This plugin is also absolutely free and right now it doesn’t have any premium version.

3) Image Optimizer

Micro Niche Blogging

We all know that website speed matters a lot in rankings so this plugin will help you to speed up your website speed by reducing the size of images used on your site.

Personally, I’m using it and it helped me a lot to improve my site speed.

4) Social Snap

Micro Niche Blogging

Using a social sharing plugin is very important to get high traffic to your website.

Social snap is one of the best social sharing plugins I have ever used. It has two plans the first one is absolutely free and the second one is paid.

If you’re a beginner then the free plan will be best for you even I’m also using the free version and it’s amazing.

5) UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

Micro Niche Blogging

UpdraftPlus will help you to keep your data safe. You can automate this plugin to take backup daily, weekly or monthly.

This plugin is free so you can use it without paying any cost.

6) Wordfence Security

Micro Niche Blogging

Security matters a lot in all online and offline works. This plugins will help you save your website from getting hacked

I’m using this plugin for the last few days and it’s working extremely well for me.

7) WP Rocket

Micro Niche Blogging

WP Rocket is one of the most famous premium plugins which will help you to boost your website speed.

As you know speed matters a lot in rankings so I’ll highly recommend you use this plugin.

8) WP Forms Lite

Micro Niche Blogging

This plugin will help you to create a contact us page in a click for your website in a single click and also it will not affect your website speed.

How To Write Post For Micro Niche

Writing content for a micro-niche blog is one of my favorite tasks because here we do not have to write too many posts.

10 – 15 Posts are enough for any micro-niche blog that’s why micro niche blog is the fastest method to earn money from blogging.

But remember that the length of any post you are writing should be more than 3000 words.

Because if you’ll write long articles then you can rank your post quickly without building too many backlinks.

Let me tell you how you have to work on your blog so that you get success as soon as possible.

Step 1: First of all, you have to prepare an outline for all your posts so that you do not have to do any research in the future.

 Micro Niche Blogging Outline

Step 2: After that, you’ll have to write and publish 1 article in 3 days, by doing this you will be able to publish 10 articles very easily in 1 month.

It means you have successfully completed the writing process within one month now you have to rank your articles.

After one month you’ll have to build some forum backlinks to get some traffic to your website after this start updating your articles.

You’ll see that you’re getting traffic from google search, now you have to update your articles again and again this will help you to rank your articles quickly.

And also build more backlinks through the guest posts and other link building methods.

I hope this strategy will definitely help you to grow your blog like a skyrocket.

How To Monetize Your Niche Blog?

Now it’s time to start earning from your micro-niche blog.

Well, there are a lot of ways to monetize your blog and earn money from it!

Monetization Of Micro Niche Blog

Here we’re going to talk about 3 amazing ways that will help you to generate a huge amount of money from your blog, quickly.

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliates is one of the best way to get a huge amount of revenue, even many bloggers are earning in millions just from amazon affiliates.

You all guys can achieve this milestone but you have to do all the things in a proper way even one my friend also started an amazon affiliate micro-niche blog one month ago and now he’s getting over 3000 visitors daily on his blog.

Amazon Associates

So now you can imagine the power of amazon affiliate micro-niche blog.

If you also want to start earning money from Amazon Associates Join their affiliate program for free by clicking here.

They will review your review site and sent you a confirmation email within two or three days. Once, you’re all done you can start doing their product affiliates.

I have also started a micro-niche affiliate website a few days ago, and in the future I’ll share all the tips which I’m applying to site.

2. Google Adsense

Google adsense is one of the most famous platforms to earn money online and you can also earn money from it.

But if you want to generate a good amount of money from Adsense then you’ll have to work on high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords.

If your website is totally in English then you can also apply for it is also one of the best way to generate a huge amount of money.

NOTE: Never rely on Adsense because there is no trust of Adsense and Google can suspend your account anytime If they find something wrong in your account like invalid clicks, high CTR etc.

3. Sell Own Products

This is one of my favourite ways to earn money online because there is no risk and all the controls are in your hand. But everyone can’t do it because all the guys don’t have their products.

But, if you have your own products to sell then it is a golden opportunity for you so don’t miss it and start doing work from today.

For example,

If you have any skill then you can create a course and sell it through your blog. One of my friend is also selling their own products and making over $2500 monthly.

So, guys, these were the three best ways to earn money from your blog now it’s time to know how can we rank our article on the first position of google.

How To Rank Micro Niche Blog?

This is one of my favourite tasks to do while talking about Micro Niche Blogging.

Well, do you know it is very easy to rank your micro-niche blogs on any particular keywords and also on many similar keywords.

Rank On Google

Here I’m going to give you the exact strategy that will help you to rank your Micro Niche Blog within a few days.

So are you excited to know about it?

Let’s move on!

But, before knowing anything first of all promise me in the comment section that you’ll definitely implement all these techniques.

Because if you’ll learn and implement the techniques then it will be very beneficial for you.

Step 1 – Low Competition Keyword

Keyword Competition

In the first step, you’ll have to find a good search volume and low competition keywords for your micro-niche blog.

As you know keywords matter a lot in ranking so if your keyword has low competition then you can rank on that niche/keyword very easily.

Step 2 – Outline Your All The Things

Most of the bloggers don’t know about this term but I think it will help you to make your blogging life very easier and also it will help you to rank your website very faster.

Micro Niche Blogging Outline

Do you wanna know how it will work like a charm for you? So let’s know about it!

Suppose you find a keyword that has a good search volume and has very low competition.

Now you have to prepare an outline of at least 10 posts on your keyword so that you can spend more and more time to rank the website.

After preparing the outline you’ll have to publish 1 article in three days means you can easily publish 10 articles within a month.

In these 30 days, you don’t have to create any backlinks for your site!

In these 30 days, all you have to do is publish more and more content on your website and get your website indexed in Google.

After a month you guys have to start creating backlinks for your website and also start updating your one old articles.

You’ll see that your articles are ranking on all the search engines and you’re getting organic traffic to your website.

I hope this small strategy will definitely help you to rank your articles quickly on all the search engines.

100+ Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

[su_list icon=”icon: star”]

  1. Archery
  2. Camera Lens Finder
  3. Dogs Sports Gear
  4. Wall Decor
  5. Productivity
  6. Yoga
  7. Air Purifier
  8. VPN
  9. Drones
  10. Video doorbells
  11. 3D printing
  12. Boat Buyer’s Guide
  13. Video Editing Hardware
  14. Airsoft World
  15. Makeup To Go
  16. Presentation Coach
  17. Mountain Climbing
  18. Inventing
  19. Smart Watch
  20. Style Your Truck
  21. DIY Kitchen Upgrades
  22. Nutrition
  23. Keto
  24. Language lesson
  25. Restaurant review
  26. Minimalism
  27. Self-improvement
  28. Adventure travel
  29. Dietary supplement
  30. Couponing
  31. Sewing
  32. Newborn
  33. Psychology
  34. Gaming
  35. Gift ideas
  36. Relationship
  37. Pet Care
  38. Business ideas
  39. Affiliate Marketing
  40. Job Notifications
  41. Biography
  42. Journalism
  43. Telecom
  44. Netflix
  45. Amazon
  46. PAN Card
  47. Identification Card
  48. Beauty And Fashion
  49. Hosting
  50. Laptop Buying Guide
  51. PNR Status
  52. Recipe Blog
  53. Make Money Online
  54. Educational Blog
  55. Rescued Animals
  56. Lifestyle Blog
  57. Jokes And Quotes
  58. Pet Rabbit Tips
  59. Training A Horse
  60. Craft For Kids
  61. Lego Instructions
  62. Dinner Party Ideas
  63. How To Speak English
  64. Soccer Blog
  65. Cricket Guide
  66. Body Building Blog
  67. Painting
  68. Laptop Accessories
  69. Real Estate Blog
  70. TV Show Blog
  71. Spiritual Blog
  72. DIY Blog
  73. Mental Health
  74. Home Design
  75. Parenting
  76. Wedding Blog
  77. Vegan Blog
  78. Instagram Marketing Tips
  79. Tiktok Guide
  80. Photo Editing
  81. Videography
  82. Boxing
  83. Professional Cycling
  84. Mountain Biking
  85. E-Sports
  86. QB Training
  87. Competition Exam Training
  88. Golf Balls
  89. Hockey
  90. MMA Coaching Blog
  91. Tennis Guide
  92. Tennis Apparel
  93. Best Software
  94. Top 10 Blog
  95. Personal Finance
  96. Interviews Tips
  97. Memes
  98. Upcoming Events
  99. Heart Issues
  100. Neck And Back Issues


FAQs About Micro Niche Blogging

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”How To Select Profitable Micro Niche?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]If you want to select a profitable keyword for your micro niche site then you’ll have to read this article carefully because in this article I have shared amazing guides that will definitely help you for finding an amazing niche.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can We Earn $1000+ From Micro Niche Blog?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Yes why not even many bloggers are making more than $1000 from their blogs very easily and you can also do the same thing.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What Is The Best Free Blogging Platform?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Well, there are many free blogging platforms available but I think blogger is one of the best platform to start your blog for free.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Should I Start A Micro Niche Blog In 2020?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Yes, why not you should definitely start a micro niche blog in 2020 because in today’s time it’s very hard to rank a niche site but you can easily rank micro niche sites so go for it.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can We Start From 0?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Yes, you can start your micro niche blogging from 0 with the help of blogger but I would recommend you to spend some money and start with wordpress and a TLD domain.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]


So this was a post about Micro Niche Blogging Hope you liked it and must’ve shared it with your friends.

If you have any questions about micro niche blogging then you can leave a comment in the comment section given below.🙂

Thanks & Good Luck 🙂

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