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In today’s business scenario everything is digitized. If you want to explore your business online then you must have your website worldwide to grab potential customer’s attention and also engage them for a long time on the same.

If the more number of visitors are coming to your website on a daily basis then, in that case, your website must be capable enough to handle the heavy traffic without any lag.

Speed is the crucial challenge that the website owner has to face while running an online business. For e.g., if you’re running an e-commerce business and your website is carrying a so much of downtime then you need to know the important factors that will help you to increase the speed and performance of your website.

If you want to boost your website’s page speed and stop losing potential customers from the website then you should consider a cloud server.

Cloud servers can help your website load faster with high performing servers, lightning-fast processors and high-quality solid state drive (SSD) storage. By implementing cloud server application in your business you can increase website’s SEO and customer satisfaction.

Apart from this cloud server allows your hosting to emerge your business and stay secure.  Below are the five best cheap cloud hosting providers that you can consider to increase the speed and overall performance of your website.

  1. MilesWeb:-

If you’re looking for the cloud server application that will serve you high performance hosting solutions with an affordable price then MilesWeb is the best option for you. The Indian web hosting company provides you various services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, AWS cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. to its customers.

Cloud is an emerging technique these days with which you can easily host your website and increase your website speed. With Milesweb’s next-generation cloud platform will automatically scale up and scale down your resource limit with your budget.

The leading web hosting company serves the striking features of cloud hosting such as,

  • Easy Web Apps Deployment
  • Launch cloud instance within minutes
  • Auto vertical scaling
  • Auto horizontal scaling
  • Traffic distributor
  • High Availability

The main advantages of MilesWeb cloud hosting are,

Easy to deploy:-

The user can easily deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Python applications without a change in the code.

Easy to scale:-

Once you set the trigger then no need to change the scaling limit again and again. The system will automatically scale vertically or horizontally during peak traffic times. The traffic is evenly distributed through load balancer across various cloud instances.  

Easy to manage:-

The deployment manager easily manage and access config files and log files.

The leading web hosting company is fully secured and understands the importance of applications that are run by startups. You can easily try 30 day’s cloud platform of MilesWeb and during that period you can easily upgrade to paid cloud hosting service.

Apart from the mentioned benefits below some are the best features of cloud hosting offered by MilesWeb are,

  • Automatic vertical/horizontal scaling,
  • Docker containers support
  • High availability
  • DevOps automation
  • Self-provisioning access
  • Wide choice of software stacks and technologies
  • Smart orchestration of resources
  • Pay for actual usage
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI

MilesWeb’s tier-3 and tier-4 data centers are enable and capable of providing you the [su_highlight background=”#fff700″]99.95% uptime[/su_highlight] so that you won’t face any downtime and that will result in turn increase the speed of the website.

  • ServerChoice:-

ServerChoice provides its customers’ cloud hosting, collocation services, and PCI compliance to keep your website smoothly. The features of cloud hosting offered by ServerChoice are security first, end to end ownership, proactive support, and flexible approach. ServerChoice serves ultra-secure cloud hosting for global enterprises.

Now the question arises why to choose ServerChoice for the cloud platform? Security first, end-to-end ownership, proactive support, and flexible approach these are the strong points which you can consider for the same.

There are various types of cloud hosting which are offered by ServerChoice and those are Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Managed public cloud, etc.   

  • Bluehost:-

Bluehost has over 10 years of experience in the hosting field and working with small business owners and individuals with the variety of hosting plans. Also, the web hosting company has recently launched in India.

The starter plan includes a dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage space for a single domain. Though Bluehost has mentioned these features under a cloud hosting they aren’t the actual cloud features but are the shared hosting features. They also provide its users with a decent amount of flexibility with their hosting plans.

  • DreamHost:-

Dreamhost is in hosting business since 1997 and also has the ability to host everything from small business blogs to entrepreneur sites. You can easily run any applications such as MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby and nodejs on DreamHost’s all SSD cloud servers.

For redundant storage, you can easily add DreamHost object storage at a low price. With DreamObjects connection plugin, you can easily automate WordPress site backups, upload images and use shortcodes to display images.

  • GreenGeeks:-

GreenGeeks is in hosting business since 2008. The primary motto of the company is to provide environment-friendly cloud hosting services. They provide fastest, secure, and scalable hosting in order to run any website. In addition, they also serve excellent [su_highlight background=”#fff700″]24×7 customer support[/su_highlight] service with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cloud server applications are extremely good to improve the overall speed of your business’s website while getting several other features. If you’re looking for any trouble free and budget-friendly cloud hosting service then you can try any one of these five companies for a faster website.

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