Hey folks,

Today in this article we’re going to do something very crazy which will definitely blow your mind.

Actually a few days back I was scrolling my youtube feed and I saw a video by Income School.

After watching this video I got an idea to write this article.

Okay! So, first of all, let me know you what we’re going to do in this article.

Basically, I’m going to invite a Pro Blogger who is making over $1500 monthly from his blog and a Brand New Blogger who just started his blog.

And I’ll ask both of them the same question and we’ll see the results what they think in different – different situations.

So read this article very carefully and I’m sure it’ll help you to in your blogging journey.


Before I start, let me tell you who I have taken as a pro blogger and who I have taken as a Brand New Blogger.

So Mangesh Kumar Bharadwaj is with us as a Pro Blogger and Robin Preet one my friend is with us as a Brand New Blogger.

Let’s start this amazing article without any further due…

Note :

My main motive behind this article is to change the mindset of a newbie blogger to achieve success in his blogging journey.

Questions & Answers

Why you should start a blog?

Answer by Mangesh – A blog is a perfect way to showcase your thoughts and views on a particular topic, and in today’s world, you can earn a very handsome amount of money from blogging. blogging is a real business these days.

Answer by Robin – I have been interested in computers since the beginning and blogging is a field in which you are your own boss. And it also has good earning sources.

How you pick a niche to start a blog?

Answer by Mangesh – The best way to pick the best niche is to work on the topic in which you have the interest and on which you can provide the best content for the long term. I have written a detailed post on how to find a perfect blogging niche. Click here to read it.

Answer by Robin – Now I do not have much difficulty in finding a niche. I try to work on a different NICHE, topics on which not many bloggers have worked yet. The difficulty is also less on such Niche and it is very easy to rank.

What will you do in the next three months after starting a blog?

Answer by Mangesh -For the very first three months, my main focus will be on producing more and more quality content and promoting it through various platforms because we all know that SEO will take time to show results.

We have to leverage other platforms for instant website traffic. After starting a new blog, producing quality content will be your first priority.

Answer by Robin – After starting the blog, I setup it well. For the news and tech website, I only post articles for the first 3 months. After 2 or 3 months when I feel that everything is correct, then I apply for AdSense. By then some traffic also starts

How will you monetize your blog?

Answer by Mangesh – It totally depends on the niche on which you are working. If it is a niche where the traffic is less but highly targeted then affiliate marketing will be best.

If a niche with high traffic than AdSense will be the best choice. So, can’t say fixed monetization way.  Depends on the niche to niche.

Answer by Robin – Adsense, Affiliate and Promotions.

How will you scale up your blog?

Answer by Mangesh – This is very simple, after spending some months of your blog. You will get to know which blog posts are generating revenue for you. Simply optimize them and increase sales from that blog post.

And if you are into AdSense then focus on bringing more and more traffic. Use Quora, Facebook group, and other platforms for increasing the traffic.

Answer by Robin – I’ll scale up blog through SEO techniques.

How will you promote your article?

Answer by Mangesh – You have to build ecosystem around your blog. From day one, start creating your FB group, telegram channel, qura profile, Pinterest profile, and leverage other social media platforms. So, whenever you publish a new post, you can promote that on these platforms.

Answer by Robin – Paid promotions , social promotions etc…

How long should your article be and why?

Answer by Mangesh – Here, I don’t believe in a long articles or on word count. The thing that matters is in-depth knowledge in blog posts and satisfying the search intent.

If you can complete the intent in 500 words that there are no benefits of making that article of 1ooo+ words. So rather focusing on word count, focus on search intent, and in-depth article.

Answer by Robin – Article length doesn’t matter to me . I write as much long article as the user can understand . Instead of lengthening the article, I thought of creating friendly user articles . Google also want user-friendly article rather than long articles

When will you start making backlinks and why?

Answer by Mangesh – After producing some quality content I start creating backlinks because without content if I start creating backlinks then they will not give any benefit to my blog.

Initially, I start with profile backlinks and social bookmarking to increase my site visibility in search engines. After that, I will focus on Guest Post, Blogger Outreach, Haro link building, and other powerful ways of creating quality backlinks.

Answer by Robin – I make backlink a few days after posting the article. When the article starts appearing on the second or third page, I start creating backlinks for that article to get it to the first position

How many articles will you publish in a month?

Answer by Mangesh – Again it depends on niche to niche. In my blogging niche, I publish 3 to 4 articles in a month. But if you look at a job niche site or news site then you have to publish 3 to 4 articles per day.

Answer by Robin – according to niche. if it’s a news or tech type’s website then i have to post articles continuously. on some niches 2-3 posts is enough. it’s according to Niche

What will you do to rank your articles? (Let us know in detail)

Answer by Mangesh – Initially, I look at the top 10 sites that are ranking on the first page. after analyzing all of them I am creating more powerful content from that top 10 sites.

After publishing the article, I provide as many social signals I can provide to that article. Social signals also help in ranking. If social signals don’t work then I create high-quality backlinks that definitely work.

Answer by Robin – First of all, after searching for the keyword, I try to make that keyword attractiveI use some strategy to get the article ranked. I do on page SEO as well as possible. I look for long tail keywords so that will rank easily.

I write the first paragraph in such a way that the user gets to know the entire post. I look for excuses for internal linking but in user friendly way and more basic On page SEO technics. In off page SEO.

I leave the 2-3 days after posting articles to article comes to their actual position . After that, if the article needs an update, I do. then i’ll focus on powerful backlinks according to difficulty

Suppose if there is no traffic on your blog in 6 months, then what will you do?

Answer by Mangesh – Then I simply change my strategies and if that also doesn’t work for me then I will leave that blog because that is not my cup of tea. This is fact that you can’t get success on everything or on every blog. Mark my words.

Answer by Robin – I don’t like to work hard that’s why I work on those topics on which I can rank with full confidence. I don’t trust tools like ahrefs etc completely but still get an idea from them.

For example, if Difficulty is 50+ and I feel that I can use any strategy to rank top, then I definitely work on it. And if Difficulty is less than 10 but any website or article ranking on top that is difficult to beat, then I do not work on it

I hope you liked this article! If you have any queries or suggestion please let us know in the comment section.

And if you have any other idea just like this article then let us know through comment I’ll try to come up with more articles like this soon 🙂

All the best for your blogging journey…

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  1. Hi piyush,

    Brilliant post for newbie blogger.
    And mangesh bhai my favorite and blogger and youtuber.

  2. Thanks for such an amazing roundup post. As a newbie, I always think the same. Will follow Mangesh sir advice.

    Steven P.

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