21+ Experts Guiding to Rank on Google (Secrets Revealed)


Today here I'm going to take Experts guide to rank on google. If you are new in the field of blogging then this post will help you a lot.

We all know that in today's time it is very hard to rank on google but what will be happen if 21+ experts will give you an amazing guide to rank on google.

Think about it,

Obviously you will get a lot of information related to SEO that will help you to rank your articles on google.

Sound amazing Uhhh!

Some of the bloggers have shared his secrets about SEO. So, don't miss any point while reading this article.

So without wasting your time let's dive right in.

Experts Guide To Rank On Google In 2019

1) Santosh Gairola

Founder Of Blogging Pal

There are more than 200 Ranking factors, according to Google's secret Algorithm.

As Google AI is getting smarter, social signals, On-Page SEO is becoming Dominant.

Focus more on Creating excellent content, which should be helpful for the readers fixing their primary problem.

If you could present them a precise and helpful article, your Audience will positively love it and share it.

Such Social signal builds trust in the eyes of your Blog Readers, apart from that quality content also increases your dwell time, which is another positive signal for Google that your Blog has valuable content.

Don't add unnecessarily anything. Every line should be specific and helpful on the post.

2) Vishwajeet Kumar

Founder Of Blog With Vk

Its everyone dream to be ranking their site in Google. Google is a smart search engine and works on artificial intelligence.

Google has more than 200 ranking factors to determine a website ranking. To rank your site in Google, You have to follow their guidelines and make your site search engine friendly.

You can achieve this by doing on-page and off-page SEO for your blog.

On-Page SEO works on your website overall design and content. Try to make your website faster because Google loves sites that are loading blazing fast.

When your craft a post make it SEO friendly like use Header tags like h1, h2, h3, etc. use shorter paragraph and use bullet points to highlight the topics.

Interlink your blog posts so that search engines can crawl your site easily. It also reduces your bounce rate.

Do some keyword research (Use tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, Ubersuggest) and use long tail keywords to rank better while cutting down the competition.This is very important. Without keywords, you cannot rank your site.

Off-page SEO works on your link profile. Try to create quality backlinkfrom a high authority website. Relevancy here is very important. Always create backlinks from relevant blogs.

Use Guest Posts, Blogger outreach, Blog commenting, Social Media sites, Web 2.0 sites like Medium, Blogspot, Tumblr, etc to make strong backlink profile for your blog.

Avoid creating backlinks from low quality and spam websites.

These steps are basic and fundamental steps of SEO. But its definitely help you to rank your site in Google.

3) Ryan Biddulph

Write helpful content to lay the foundation for ranking on Google. Aim for 1000 words or longer to beef it up. Honor Yoast to nail down your SEO details.

Link in and link out to reputable, trusted resources to prove to Google your site sits in a trusted, authority neighborhood.

Have fun and visualize yourself succeeding on Google. As within, so without

4) Venkatesh Kumar

Founder Of Idea Insider

1) Write for your audience and not for search engine (User Experience)

Blogger makes this mistake often when they getting started out. Because we use to see content online like how to optimize the post and all.

We are forgetting one thing that the content, we are producing is for the user and not to impress search.

My point is clear that you need to produce valuable content the satisfies your customer and solves their problem.

"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first" -Wendy Piersall

That being said, user experience is the key and number one thing is you need to concentrate first. You only have to see the search engine as crawling your website information.

Google also measuring user experience by Bounce rate, pogo sticking and click through rate.

So, this is the area you need to concentrate on for driving traffic and ranking number one on google.

2. Update content regularly

Freshness is an important factor for keeping the ranked keywords. Google looks at the site which is constantly updating and creating new content.

And they are giving preference to those sites which is constantly active. So, update the content and produce new content regularly.

5) Ahfaz Ahamed

Founder Of Ahfaz Ahamed.net

"The question of how to rank on Google is asked every year. And every year my answer remains the same:

 Quality content.

Yes, there are a lot of factors influencing how you rank on Google but the first thing you should focus on is creating content.

Your content should be so good that it knocks off all your competitors. If your content is not better than your competition, then there's no reason why you should rank on top.

Once you have your content figured out, you should focus on promoting it. Promote your content to your social media followers, share it with your email subscribers, do email outreach.

 In conclusion, the formula is the same as it was before. It just got a little harder and you have to put in more efforts than others."

6) Sufyan Shaikh

Founder Of Blogging Indian

Ranking on google is very difficult nowadays. It is better to focus on long tail keywords.

From long tail keywords I dont mean keywords which are longer in length but keywords which have low search volume and low competition.

These keywords are easy to rank and help you get lot of organic traffic.

At last write your content for users not for search engines.

If users like your content search engines will also like them.

7) Navin Rao

Founder Of Question Cage

SEO process changes all the time. Hence relying on a particular workflow would not be appropriate at all.

But as the ranking is concerned now, these days social signals are working great and considered as one of the ranking factors.

It lets the search engines know, the popularity of that particular page shared on social media.

Eventually, make your website minimal and remove all the unrequired features for better user experience.

While designing, think from the user perspective. Your user might not want them and it makes the pages load even faster. The faster the better.

When it comes to optimizing a page, most of the people try to check the homepage speed. Nah, you want to rank a particular post, check the speed of that, instead of the homepage.

And all these all happen after you write a thorough content covering the entire topic what, why, how, and recommending the best ones.

Find FAQs from Google search, and answer them. Highly Optimize it by following your favorite SEO plugins. And Traditionally go with low competition and use a lot of LSI keywords around the main seed keyword.

You can use SEMrush or few tools like Ubersuggest. Nevertheless, make sure you write better content that the top 10 results.

8) Mangesh

Founder Of Blogging QNA

As per my experience in seo, the first and most important factor for ranking on Google is your content.

After that, backlinks and others things comes. If, you content is loved by users and search engines. Then, you can easily get higher rank in Google.

Now, let me tell you some others factors that i have analysed, for better ranking on Google.

1. As i said earlier, Content because content is king, we all know that.

2.  Post title should be catchy so that, it will increase your ctr, which will directly improve your site ranking.

3. Permalink: it should be short and understandable to both user and search engines.

4. Interlinking and external linking  both of them really matters according to today's seo.

5. Social media Sharing: social media Sharing is also a factor that will help your site to rank in Google.

I am telling this because of my own experience... social media have the potential to boost your site ranking So must use Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and quora..

6. Must add media in your blog post... Because blog posts with medias get more clicks and engagement as compared to blogs without medias.

7. Backlinks: backlinks are still one of the most important factor on ranking... So, after onpage optimization focus on backlinks..

According to me both, quantity and quality of backlinks matters for higher ranking...

There should be a ratio of both of them..

That's it from my side I think i have covered all the important factors for higher ranking on Google.

But remember one things don't bound yourself with these factors only, there are more than 200 ranking factors.

9) Shehraj Singh

Founder Of Yostarter

SEO is something that makes many blogger’s heads spins. I know this because a Few Months Back I am part of this group.

You are unable to rank on, Because, You are doing the same things, that other bloggers and are also doing the same.

Now question is, How you will get up from this saturated market.

So, Your Answer is Showing Uniqueness.,

Now, A New Question that comes up in your mind is "Shehraj, How can I become Unique".

Your Answer is Being Updated and doing the experiment. According to Google Statement, They Implement 2 Updates to their Algorithm on daily basis.

You have to be Updated, You can read up SEO Blogs Like- Backlinko, Ahrefs Blog and other ones..

By The Way, Here is an Exact Formula, That I use to climb up to the first page of Google.

First of all, I Post High-Quality content by doing research hard-core research. I also create a highly engaged Blog title and blog description for high CTR.  

After that, it's time for promotion.

For Promotion, I share content with my audience and also outreach other bloggers to share mine Content with their Audience, I Do Live sessions for content promotion also.

After that it times for link Building, I Generally do Guest Post for link building. I also do resource page link building and stuff like that.

 Now, I do automation in my Social Media Marketing tool to share this content after a specific time Again and Again. Now, I wait for 3-4 weeks to Google index and rank it on specific Positions.

 After that, I update content and build more links, I also do user experience analysis by using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

That's all steps that i follow for ranking a article.

10) Nirmala

Founder Of Wpglossy

Raking high on search engine results is an art!

1. Do Keyword Research - Choose a profitable niche and the long tail keywords that have low competition.

2. Get A Professional Design - Site design plays a vital role in Google ranking and hence it is essential to design a professional site that loads super fast and offers the best user experience.

3. Offer Top-Notch Content - Write in-depth articles and how-to guides related to your niche. It would improve the topical authority of your website.

4. White Hat Link Building - Getting linked to the high-quality authority sites would boost your online presence and help you stay authoritative in the eyes of Google.

11) Mansoor Ali

Founder Of Tech Advice Bro

Long Tail keyword: Prefer to go for a long tail keyword which has 1000 or less than 1000 monthly search volume. So you can easily rank on the top. 

Use LSI keywords: Optimize the content with related keywords in your articles. 

Optimize your post, Create great and in-depth content better than your competitors[first ten posts]. Include the target keywords in your H2,H3 tags, Image Alt tags, and in first 100 words.

Another important ranking factor is that site speed and user retention. So try to improve load time. Use images, info-graphics, premium themes, short para so people will stick around for a long time.

Do proper backlinks, Internal links and social signals once you publish the article.

12) Minuca Elena

Founder Of Minuca Elena.com

Ranking on Google is very difficult. It depends a lot for which keywords you want to rank.

If your goal is to rank for a competitive keyword that has tens of thousands of monthly searches it will be almost impossible if your site is new and has no authority.

My main tips for ranking are:

  • write high-quality, in-depth content
  • optimize your on-page SEO and on-site SEO
  • build backlinks to the page from other sites in the same niche as you

13) Harshit Raikwar

[ Write Excellent Content ]

We have been listening for a long time that "Content Is King". Literally, content is everything when it comes to online marketing.

Your content is the first step to make you successful.

We have two kinds of content in the market/industry:

1. Poor Quality [Low-Quality Content]

2. High Quality [High-Quality Content]

1. Poor Quality

Poor quality is the content in which " it doesn't add any unique value within the content to the audience' lives"

Usually, most of the bloggers use poor quality content strategy. Because they are "Noobs" in the industry and don't know much about it.

2. High Quality

But if we talk about "Professionals" they know what quality content is. Because they are experienced bloggers and entrepreneurs.

They know how to write well with readers engagement.

However, you can implement "Long Form Content In-Depth Strategy''.

Heard before?

Actually, search engines prefer "In-Depth contents".

What Is The Actual Mean Of In-Depth Content?

A content which covers everything related to a particular subject/article.

It covers everything such as full knowledge, data and info, case studies, lot of pictures, screenshots, charts, statistics, external resources and well research in the article.

So always try to write in-depth longer-form content for better rankings.

This is a content where you add tons of VALUE for your audience and community.

Remember that it takes a lot of hard work, efforts, blood and sweat too.

Plenty of studies [BuzzSumo, Moz, SearchEngineLand, Backlinko, HubSpot, CoSchedule] have been saying that the 2,000+ words article performs and ranks better on search engines.

This type of 2,000 words contents attracts a lot of backlinks and organic traffic to your website.

So you could try to write in-depth and long-form content in your niche for better rankings.

[ Find Out Their Main Points ]

If you are a blogger and influencer, then your number 1 priority should be finding readers pain points first.

Here I'm talking about their queries, questions, problems and keyword research. Find out what they are looking for on search engines.

In case you find it and give great solutions better than your competitors for their pain points, then you won the half game.

If you want higher rankings on search engines, then provide answers of Google users in a GREAT way.

If they find it really useful and helpful, they will stay on your website for a long time and improve your bounce rate too.

It'll be more amazing if they spend 10 minutes on your blog. Google will consider it as a great RANKING signal.

Use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, KWfinder, Moz, Spyfu to finding their questions and queries and rank your article easily on Google.

[ Backlinks ]

Links play a very important role in your website and posts ranking. It is a TOP RANKING FACTOR every entrepreneur knows about.

Here I'm not talking about poor or spammy links, I'm here talking about quality links.

Quality links mean that you're getting links from a high authoritative and quality website.

Suppose, if you have tons of quality links from high authority blog to your website. Then Google will think that if those quality sites are good, then this new site will be also very good (Because this new site gaining links from high authority sites and trusted resources).

Make sure you build high-quality links from top and relevant site from your industry.

Also, you can use Quora platform to build links to your blog. However, both are important "No Follow & Do Follow Links".

Relationship Tactics Of Link Building:

I prefer this strategy a LOT. In this technique, you build relations and connections with the site owners and influential people.

In case, you make them your friend, then it becomes easy to GAIN links from them.

How Will You Make Them Your Friends For Quality Links?

Write Comment On Their Websites:

Leave a solid and wonderful comment to their blog posts, they will notice you if you consistently leaving an amazing comment on their blogs.

Share Their Stuff On Social Channels:

If you genuinely loved their article, immediately share their blog post on your social media networks with tagging them.

If you tag them, then they will notice you and think that you're helping them in growing their businesses.

If they notice you, this is the huge KEY for the long term.

Linking Out Them Frequently:

Generally, when you write your article, What if you link to someone else?

If you provide the best resources to your visitors, it will become more valuable and useful for them. Right?

Make sure you frequently link out to them. If you do this regularly, then they will do the same things for you.

If you do these activities on a daily basis, then they will notice you who you are. They will remember your name in the niche and it's best ways to make your friends and buddies quickly.

[ Do Better Than Your Competitors ]

For example, if your competition providing 5 tips in their blog post. Then you need to put extra efforts here. You'll give 15 tips here for BEATING the competition.

If you give 15 tips then your visitors appreciate your efforts and hard work. Because now you have put an extra value here than your competitors. So try to do always better than your competition in your industry if you want to boost rankings.

[ Improve Your Website' Speed ]

Your website speed should be lower than 3 seconds if you want higher rankings on search engines.

A lot of research shows that if your sites are taking much time to load then visitors going to leave your site immediately.

Nobody wants to STAY for a long time.

Visitors always prefer a fast loading website.

So if your site is taking too much time to load then immediately optimise it as soon as possible, literally I don't like slow loading websites too.

However, you could use these tools to improve your blog speed performance. Use These Amazing Tools To Optimise Your Blog Speed:

1. Pingdom
2. GtMetrix
3. PageSpeed Insights

Do improve your sites loading performance quickly and rank high on Google.

14) Prafulla Chandra

Founder Of Cool Techno Spy

Whether you are a pro-Blogger or Newbie bloggers, this questions often come in your mind “Am I applying the right SEO approach on my blog?” And let me tell you there is no any hard coded answer to this questions.

Search Engine Optimization is the continuous process of learning and applying to your blog to move a step ahead in blogging.

Let’s discuss some of the best and widely accepted SEO techniques to make your blog/website rank in SERP.

URL Optimization: One of the most important factor, the URL should not be messy or unclear. Always try to use title or keyword in URL that gives clear indication to search crawler, what the web page is all about.

Meta Description: This play a great role to rank the page with relevant keywords. The Meta description must be clear concise and easily understood to readers, while displaying in search window.

Must include key words and synonyms of the keywords so that readers and search bot would able to understand your page. Never try to make fool to google crawler, they are far smarter and if do, definitely lose in SERP.

Page Title Tag: We know first impression is last impression, so your title must be attractive and relevant to the web page contents.

This is used by search engine as heading in SERP and also tell about what the web page about.

The title tag when shared on social media, this is the foremost part ‘TITLE’ viewers look and decide to read or not.

Discover Untapped Keywords: This is one of the best SEO practice to look for new keywords related to your existing post and update it.

It is a clear positive indication to search engine about your blog updates. How to do this research? It’s very simple, apart from AdWords and hashtags, some of the trending social platform such as Reddit.

Go to Reddit and search for your related keywords and try to find that are appearing frequently. If find update your relevant article around that keywords. Rest leave it to Google.

Find out Dead Post: ‘Dead Post’ what I mean to say is, you have to analyze your blog and find the post that are NOT driving any traffic.

What next? Simply you can update this article, if not possible you can redirect this post to some related post.

As per recent Florida update in 2019, the page which are not driving any traffic gives negative signal to search engine and impact overall performance of the site.

Apart to this, there are many more things are there to look into. Let’s conclude here and hope you like these methods for better SEO on blog. Have a nice day.

15) Istiak Rayhan

Founder Of Road To Blogging

When it comes to ranking in Google, you’ll have to take care of both parts of the SEO - On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

 Here are some On-Page SEO tips to rank higher in Google.

  • Target medium tail keywords.

  • Have catchy post titles.

  • Write in-depth and detailed blog posts.

  • Use the table of contents to your blog posts.

  • Use LSI keywords.

  • Optimize your posts for Google Rich Snippet.

  • Use catchy meta titles and meta descriptions.

  • And make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

On-Page is not enough if you want to rank on the first page of Google. You will have to focus on Off-Page SEO as well. Here are some tips for you.

  • Promote your blog posts.

  • Outreach to influencers.

  • Build relationships with other bloggers.

  • Build backlinks actively.

If you can tackle these two parts of the SEO, it will be easier for you to rank higher in Google.

16) Akshay Hallur

Founder Of Blogging X

In order to rank high in Google, the first thing is that you need to have high quality content that solves the problem of the user.

You need to understand the search intent of the searcher before writing your article. If you have really good article, Google ranks your article.

With Google Rankbrain in place, Google will now be able to understand your content and rank it accordingly.

Along with this, in order to further the validate the quality of your content you need to consider building some backlinks using guest posting, skyscraper, broken link building and much more strategies.

If you do the above things right in a low competitive niche, you can easily rank your content.

17) Deb Santanu

Founder Of Blogging Joy

Ranking in Google needs a lot of factors to consider these days. As a blogger, you must take the initial few steps perfectly to ensure your hard work can rank #1 in Google.

Here are a few of the important factors you must consider so that your content actually ranks on Google.

1) Keyword Research: You have to find out the keywords with low competition and with moderate search volumes.

Even a keyword with a search volume from 200-250 is also good. Make sure to cover all the necessary long tail versions, similar terms, and questions so that you can create in-depth content on that specific topic.

2) Website Speed: Your website where you are publishing your article must load faster. Especially after Google mobile page speed update, you have to make sure your website loads fast both on desktop & mobile.

Website Speed is a ranking signal and you can't avoid this in 2019. With that make sure your content is well crafted to give a better readability & user experience.

3) Backlink Matters: Finally we have to talk about Backlinks. You have to build good backlinks with proper anchor texts to make sure your content can rank fast.

You should also need to get social signals as social engagement works best in 2019.

18) Sumit Sao

Founder Of Blogging Lift

SEO is the best way to get targeted traffic to your site.

 I know you may heard about many strategies to rank your article. But you can’t say that the strategies which are working today will also work in the future.

Because we all know that Google brings updates time to time to serve the best content to users.

Here are 9 best strategies which worked for me to rank my article:

  1. Understand the user search intent.
  2. Create Quality content (at least 1500+ words article) which contain images, screenshots, videos etc.
  3. Internal linking plays a vital role in ranking.
  4. Update your article time to time and make it more informative.
  5. Improve User Experience: Use the premium theme, Good hosting and use short Paragraphs
  6. Before start writing, check top 10 ranking articles and create 10x better article than these articles.
  7. Build some link for your article from relevant sites.
  8. Use Premium tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to steal the keywords of top 10 ranking article and use these keywords in your article.
  9. Do proper on-page optimization.

I hope you’ll use the above tips which I’ve mentioned above to rank your article. All the best.

19) Ashfaq Ahmad

Founder Of Bloggeroundup

There are more than 200 Google ranking factors. Their importance varies but the most important are website security, URL structure, meta tags, loading speed, keyword intent and a number of technical SEO factors.

Meta tags includes title tags, meta description, image alt-text which helps Google understand the purpose of your website, which means a catchy title and description can increase your Google rankings.

The websites with https ranks faster because they ensure Google that the information on the website is secure for the users.

Keywords play an important role in ranking of your website, therefore, focus on long-tail keywords and long-form content, also the structure of your content is as important as the content itself.

Focus on improving your website's speed, optimize images, minify HTML and CSS to decrease the load time to rank better on Google.

20) Kulwant Nagi

Founder Of Blogging Cage

Ranking well in Google starts with the basic steps of finding the right keywords. Once you master the skill of keyword research and start targeting right LSI keywords in your blog posts, soon you’ll see the rankings.

Recently we updated 100+ articles at BloggingCage by adding many LSI keywords in the old blog posts. Now we are seeing 200-400% ranking growth in those articles.

So my tips for your audience is - target the right keywords.

21) Umer Qureshi

Founder Of Guide Blogging

To rank on google No.1 is not very hard but you have to learn some important tips which can helps you to rank on google.

Long Tail Keyword - Long tail keyword are the most easy keyword which helps you to rank easily on google. In 2019 we have to focus on long tail keyword which can helps to increase traffic and ranking.

UXI/Design - In 2019 we have to focus on our blog design because if you don’t have SEO friendly or User Friendly Blog so maybe you are losing some organic traffic.

Blog Post Description - This is not a tip but this is helps you to rank on google. You should make your blog description very engaging so people immediately click on that and try to add keyword which helps you to increase your rank.

Make In Depth Article - Making a in depth article helps you to decrease your bounce rate and try to make an article which complete users intent. Add youtube videos to get decrease your bounce rate.

22) Varun Gera

Founder Of Tech Biz Info

To rank on Google, you need to understand the hard part about SEO - "it's always about the user"

I learned it the hard way!

Here's the deal: If you impress the king (users of google/searcher), the servant (Google) will like you too!

Now, it's your turn - Go ahead write some pillar content, embed beautiful images, videos & infographics & promote it in the best way you can!

The Bottom line? Do whatever it takes to impress the king!

23) Mandeep Kumar

Founder Of Blogging Study

Ranking on First Page Of Google Is Not Easy But Nor Impossible. If You Write Good Content and Your Content helps Others Then Your Article Automatic Jump on #1 On Google.

Because Google Change Their Algorithms Every Year To Show The best Results To The Searcher. So In Simple Words Here Are Some Following Tips According to My Experience Which Helps you To Rank On First Page On google.

#1 Before Come To Blogging Field First of All You Need To Know About SEO. i Am Not Suggest You To Join Or Purchase Any Premium SEO Course Because You Can Learn SEO From Basic To Advanced From Youtube and Most Trusted SEO Niche Blogs For Example Like, Moz, Search Engine Journal Or Join SEO Forums.

Because After Learning SEO You Have Know All The Guidlines From Search Engine Which You Need To Follow For Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly.

Do Proper Topic Research, Find Good Keywords Before Write Any Article, Also Find LSI Keywords To Add In Article. After Write Good Quality Content Do Proper On-Page Optimization.

Also Take a Look To First 10 Results and Compare On-page SEO Score. Now You Have To Promote Your Article With Off-page SEO Methods. You Have To Do Audit Competitor backlinks, Find Good website To Getting Link.If You Think Backlinks Not Helps For ranking Then Check Backlinks Of First 10 Or 20 Search Results.

If You Have Budget Then Send Traffic To your Article With Social Media Promation. Because You also Need to Take Care of Engagement Metrics. Which Helps to Boost Your Ranking.

So At The End According to my Experience i just Want to Give You Tip For SEO 2019 Thats Always Write Good Content, Helps Others, Take Patient, Find Good Place To Send Referal Traffic, Join Forums, Do Social Media Boosting For Social Share Or Social Signal.

24) Satish

Founder Of Traffic Crow

It’s nearly impossible to uncover Google ranking hacks in 2 or 3 paragraphs. Still, here is a strategy that I do practice to improve the ranking for certain key phrases in SERP.

Using an SEO tool or rank checker, find the keywords or phrase you are ranking for already (not that high). Take the specific page, optimize it towards a certain keyword and see the difference.

Google Search Console can help you better on this. Log in and select the property. Go to Performance àPages. Select the specific page that you want to improve. Then, click on ‘Queries’. You will find the list of queries for which the particular page is getting some ‘Clicks’, and ‘Impressions’.

Only if you export the data, you will find the keyword positions as well. Pick a keyword that has got some average Google ranking position with reasonable impressions and clicks.

Improve the page content for the specific keyword (don’t over optimize). You will see a notable improvement in your Google ranking of that page for the particular query phrase.  

Anyways, you must have proper on-page, internal links and good volume of quality backlinks done, beforehand. 

25) Ronald D'souza

Digital Marketing Manager Of Angel Jackets

When starting a new blog or website, people usually complicate things by trying to do too much, all you need to do is create excellent detailed content with relevant keywords and try to get authoritative backlinks.

Google Featured Snippets: Answer Google's featured snippets in your article; these are the questions people usually search.

Keywords: Place relevant keywords in your content, H1, H2, Slug, and Meta description. Make sure it's readable and fits in the context, avoid over optimization and keyword stuffing.

Backlinks: Creating link bait content maximizes your chance of getting links, search for blogs in your niche see if they have any unanswered question then create an article that fills the gaps and pitch them.


Thank you so much to all the SEO experts who has contributed into this expert roundup!

Please let me know in the comments section below which SEO techniques given you the best results and also which one is your favorite.

If you enjoy reading this roundup, do not forget to share it on social media with your friends and followers.

Thank you! Have a great blogging journey.

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