What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work?

Don’t You Hate It When You Does Not Have Enough Knowledge About SEO And You Are Very Curious To Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

If Your Answer Is Yes, This Post Will Help You To Know Full Information About Search Engine Optimization.

Hey Guys, In This Post We Are Going To Discuss All Questions Regarding SEO.

So Take A Cup Of Tea And Sit Comfortably On A Chair And Start Reading This Article Without Any Disturbance.

This Article Will Clear Your All Doubts Regarding Search Engine Optimization Like What Is SEO, How Many Types, Of SEO, How SEO Works.

And Many Other Questions Mentioned Below In The Table Of Contents.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work?

Before Telling Anything, I Would Like To Tell You A Short Story.

This Story Is About 8 Months Old When I Was New To The Field Of Blogging, At That Time I Had No Knowledge About Blogging.

I Did Not Even Know How Many Blogging Platforms Are Available, How To Write Articles, Even I Did Not Even Have Basic Information About Blogging.

After Four Months When I Started Blogging, I Came To Know What Is SEO, So If You Do Not Even Have The Knowledge Of SEOThen There Is No Problem In It.

[su_box title=”I Have A Line For You” box_color=”#FF0000″ radius=”4″]If You Didn’t Learn Anything And Don’t Know SEO And Other Things Which Irritate You Please Continue Your Blogging Because If You Written 20 Posts You Have Good Experience Of SEO!!

The SEO King[/su_box]

So Let’s Know About The Full Information Of SEO

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What Is SEO?

SEO Is The Process Of Internet Which Is Very Important To Know The Owner Of Every Website.

Search Engine Optimization Is Made Up Of Two Words: Search Engine And Optimization.

Search Engine Is Websites That Shows Links To Other Websites In Their Search Results Such As Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. According To The User’s Keywords.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work

Whenever You Have Any Questions Then What Do You Do

I Think Mostly Peoples Open Their Google And Search About Their Questions

So Now Think You Search Your Queries On Google But Google Is Not Internet So What Is Google

Google Is A Search Engine That Solves Your Query. There Are Many Search Engines Besides Google, Such As Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu Etc.

I Hope You Guys Have Understood What The Search Engine Means

Now Let’s Know About Optimization :

Optimization Means To Make Your Website Friendly

It Means Through SEO, You Can Optimize Your Website Or Blog For Search Engines, Which Means Your Website Or Blog
Start Coming To The Search Result Of Search Engine

Today, Millions Of Websites Are Recorded On The Internet And Thousands Of Websites Are On The Same Subject,

Hence Most Of The Internet Users Of World Seeks The Help Of Search Engine To Find Information.

When A User Types Any Keywords On The Search Engine, Then Search Engine Shows That User Thousands Of Results Related To That Keyword.

But Have You Ever Thought The Website That Is Coming To The First Position How Did It Come To First Position SEOIs The Secret Behind All This.

Now We Have Understood That What Is Search Engine Optimization Now Its Turn To Know About Some Information About The Sem.

What Is SEM?

The Best Method For Finding Organic Traffic From Search Engines Is SEO. But If You Have A Service Website And You Are Not Getting Sales Then You Can Bring Traffic To Your Website Using Sem.

If You Are A Personal Blogger Then I Will Never Recommend You To Take Traffic To Your Website With The Help Of Sem.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work

Sem Is Mainly For Those People Who Have An Online Business And They Want To Grow Quickly By Promoting Their Business.

Different Between SEO And SEM

The Biggest Difference Between SEO And SEM Is That SEO Is Free And Sem Is Paid.

With SEO, You Can Rank On Any Keyword For A Long Time, But If You Use Sem So Long As You Keep Paying Google It Will Show Your Website At The Very Top.

But As Soon As You Stop Paying, Google Will Drop Your Ranking Exactly.

If You Bring Traffic Through Your Website Via Seo, Google Will Give More Preference To Your Website And Your Trust Will Increase.

But If You Use SEM, As I Said, Till You Keep Paying Google You Will Love Google, But As Soon As You Stop Paying, Then Your Page Will Reflect On The Original Serp In Search Engine.

As You Can See In The Image The Result Which Is Coming In The Top Is Only 10% Clicks While The Following Results Are Getting 90% Of The Clicks.

Now The Question Is That How Is This Possible.

If You Look At The Image Carefully The Above Results Are Visible In That They Have A Small Button Of An Ad.

Because Of Which Users Do Not Consider Those Websites More Trusted And That Is Why They Do Not Get Many Clicks.

Most Users Think That If A Website Is Paying Google To Rank Number 1, Then The Website Will Be Getting Its Profits Somewhere.

Now Users Think That If We Go To Their Website So We Will See Paid Things Instead Of Free Because Of Which The Users Don’t Like These Types Of Websites.

Top 9 Android Apps For Bloggers – Make Blogging Easy

Why SEO Is Important For Blog And Website?

Friends As I Said Before There Are Millions Of Websites Are Available On The Internet And About 2.2 Million Blog posts Are Publishing Daily.

Competition Has Also Gone Too Much Due To Being The Most Blogs On The Same Subject But If You Do Proper SEO On Your Website
So You Can Easily Rank Your Posts In Google!

Now You Should Be Thinking How Proper Seo Is Done, As I Said At The Beginning That I Am Going To Tell All The Things Related To Seo In This Post.

So If You Want To Do Proper Seo On Your Blog Or Website Keep Reading This Article Without Skipping Any Point.

How Many Types Of SEO?

SEO Is Mainly Divided Into 2 Parts The First One Is On-Page SEO And The Second One Is Off-Page SEO.

If You Do These Two Things Properly So Believe Me, Your Blog Or Website Will Be On No.1 In Search Result, So Please Read These Two Types Of Seo Carefully.

On Page SEO

Everything That We Do For SEO Inside Our Blog Is Called On-Page SEO.

On Page SEO There Is A Lot Of Things As The Look Of Your Website Should Be Attractive, The Speed Of Your Website Should Be Sharp

Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly And Your Content Should Be Good So That Users Like Your Website And Spend More Time On Your Website

There Are Many Such Factors Within On Page SEO, Which We Will Learn In This Article Very Soon.

On Page SEO Is Very Important For Your Website Because 60% SEO Of Your Website Is Done By Doing On Page Seo

Now You May Have Understood That How Important Is SEO For Any Website.

Ok Now We Are Going To Talk About The Important On Page Seo Factors That Every Website Owner Must Have To Use.

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Website Speed

According To Google, The Website That Takes More Than 3 Seconds To Load, It Is Very Difficult To Rank Such Websites.

So Try To Keep The Speed Of The Website As Fast As You Can. To Speed Up, The Website Speed, Follow The Tips Below.

Do Not Use More Plugins Use Only Those Plugins That Are Very Important.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work

Use Lightweight Theme Like Generate Press, Genesis, Studio Press, Etc.

Compress Your Image And Use It On Your Website.

Use Cache Plugins Like Wp Super Cache, Wp Total Cache, Etc.

Proper Keyword Research

To Rank Any Website Or Article, Proper Keyword Research Is Highly Recommended.

If You Write An Article On A Keyword That Has A Very Low Search Volume But The Competition Is Very High, It Is Extremely Difficult To Rank On Such Keywords.

Therefore, Before You Write The Article, Sit Down Comfortably For 2 To 3 Hours And Research The Keyword.

And Write The Article On The Keyword Which The Search Volume Is High And The Competition Is Low

If You Do This Then, Believe Me, You Can Rank Your Articles Very Quickly, Without Any Backlinks.

If You Want To Rank Your Article On Many Keywords Then I’ll Recommend You To Use LSI Keyword.

Many People Make Mistakes In Today’s Times That They Do Not Use LSI Keywords Due To Which There Is Not Much Traffic On Their Website.

If You Don’t Know Anything About LSI Keywords Don’t Worry I’m Going To Show You What Is LSI Keywords So Let’s Know About It.

The Full Form Of LSI Is “Latent Semantic Indexing” Keywords. Which Means That The Similar Or Related Keyword With A Similarity To The Main Keyword.

For Example –

As You Can See In The Image I Searched On Google That What Is Seo As You Scroll Down A Bit You Will Find Lots Of Keywords That Is Called Lsi Keywords.

Post Title

Title Tag Is Very Important To Bring Any Website On The Top In The Search Engine. Your Website Will Rank Fast If Your Title Is Catchy.

To Make Your Title SEO Friendly, You Must Have To Add Your Primary Keyword At The Start Of Your Title.

Let’s See An Example Of A Catchy Title:-

Boring Title – How To Make Money Online

Interesting Title – Weird Ways To Make Money Money Online

How To Make Money Online Is A Common Title That Used In Most Of The Posts And Also It Is A Boring Title 2 Out Of 10 People Will Click On This Title.

But Weird Ways To Make Money Money Online Is An Interesting Title And I Think 8 Out Of 10 People Will Click On This Title.

I Hope Now That You Have Understood That How To Write Catchy Titles So That More And More People Click On It.

Post Permalink

Permalink Is Not A Big Factor Of SEO But It Is Very Important To Make Your Permalink SEO Friendly.

It Is Very Important To Insert Your Primary Keyword In The Permalink. Always Keep In Mind That Never Use Stop Words Like ‘Am, Is, Are, On’ In Post Permalink.

Try To Keep Your URL As Small And Simple As You Can.

Let’s See An Example Of A Good Permalink –

Bad Permalink – https://exactblogging.com/how-to-make-money-in-2019

Good Permalink – https://exactblogging.com/make-money

Keyword Density

It Is Very Important To Use The Keywords In The Right Place And In The Right Quantity In Your Post. Using More Keywords Is Called Keyword Stuffing.

If You Do Keyword Stuffing Google Will Never Rank Your Website, Rather Google Will Downgrade Your Website’s Ranking. So, Use As Few Keywords As Possible.

Make Sure To Use Keywords In The First Paragraph And The Last Paragraph In Your Post.

Use Them As Naturally As Possible Do Not Try To Use Keywords Forcefully.

When You Are Writing Article Keep In Mind That The Keyword Density To Never Exceed 1.5%.

Keep In Mind That You Should Use Your Primary Keyword 10 To 15 Times In The 1000 Words Of The Article.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work

Internal Linking

Internal Linking Is The Best Method To Rank Any Website, By This, You Can Add Your Related Posts Together.

Looking At Seo’s Point Of View, Internal Links Reduces Bounce Rates, Increases Link Juice (Ranking Power).

Keep In Mind That Any Posts You Are Interlinking Should Be Related To The Anchor Text That You Are Interlinking Must Add Posts Related To The Posts You Are Writing So That People Can Easily Understand The Topic.

Also, It Is Very Important For Other Posts So That Google Helps In Ranking For It.

Outbound Linking

Outbound Links Are Links That Point To Any Other Website From Your Website, Meaning That They Are External Links That Go From Your Site To Another Site.

We Insert Such Links Into Our Article Which Will Improve The Trust Of Our Content.

Let Me Tell You A Experiment About Outbound Links I Have Heard This Story In My Seo Program.

Once A Man Named Shai Aharony Searched A Keyword Named Phylandocic On Google But He Did Not Find Any Results Related To That Keyword On Google.

Then He And His Team Created 10 Such Websites That Were Targeted On The Same Keyword (Phylandocic).

5 Out Of 10 Websites Were Linked To Outbound Links With High Da And Pa And No Links Were Given In Five Websites.

After A Few Days When The Same Keyword Was Researched, The Results Which Came Out Were Very Much Shocking.

Shai Noticed That The Five Web Sites That Were Given Outbound Links Were Ranking In Top 5

And The Websites Which Did Not Have Any Links Were Ranking In The Top 10 Ranked Websites.

What Knowledge Did You Get From This Experiment Let Me Know In The Comment Section?

Some Experts Believe That The Outbound Links May Hurt The Website But If They Are Used Correctly It Is Very Good For Our Website SEO.

If You Have To Use Outbound Links In Your Content Then You Should Follow Some Of The Following Rules –

External Links Should Have Good PA And DA.
That Link Spam Score Must Be Zero.
There Should Be No Pornographic Content Or Links On That Website.
That Link Should Be Related To Your Content.

If You Use Outbound Links In Your Content While Following The Points Given Below, Then Believe Me It Will Improve The Search Priority Of Your Content.

And If You’ve Accidentally Inserted Low-Quality Outbound Links In Your Content, Then You May Have To Face Google Penalties.

Therefore, By Doing Good Research, Add Any Outbound Link To Your Article.

Alt Tag

An Alt Tag, Also Known As “Alt Attribute” And “Alt Description,” Is An HTML Attribute Applied To Image Tags To Provide A Text Alternative For Search Engines.

It Is Also Very Important To Use Alt Tag, By This The Chances To Rank The Images Used In Your Website Increase Significantly.

I Have Seen Many Bloggers Who Do Not Use Alt Tags, You Never Have To Make Such A Mistake.

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Off Page SEO

Everything That We Do For Seo Outside Our Blog Is Called Off-Page Seo.

Off Page Seo Is Also Very Important For Your Website Because 40% Seo Of Your Website Is Done By Doing Off Page Seo.

The Seo Techniques We Use To Rank Our Post After Publishing Is Those Techniques Are Called Off-Page Seo Techniques.

In Off-Page Seo, We Do Search Engine Submission, Web Directory Submission, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Etc.

Off-Page Seo Is Used To Getting Backlinks And It Increases The Ranking Of The Website.

Now You May Have Understood That How Important Is Off Page Seo For Any Website.

Ok Now We Are Going To Talk About The Important Off Page Seo Ranking Factors That Every Website Owner Must Have To Use.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting Is A Very Easy Method To Create High-Quality Backlinks From Any Website.

Mostly New Bloggers Comment On 20 To 30 Websites Daily To Increase The Number Of Their Backlinks And They Think That By Doing This The Ranking Of Their Website Will Increase.

But Does This Really Happen Let’s Know About It?

People Who Make 20 To 30 Comments Per Day To Make Backlinks.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Does It Work

Often Their Website Goes Into The Spam List And It Is Never Indexed Again.

I Have Mentioned Some Tips Below To Do Proper Blog Commenting!

First Of All, Check That Their Website Is Indexed In Google Or Not If Yes, You Can Comment On It But If Not, Then Never Comment On Such Websites.

The Second Tip Is To Check Their Website Da Or Pa If Their Da And Pa Are Low Never Comment On Those Websites But If Their Da And Pa Are Above 25 To 30 Then Surely Comment On Those Websites.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting Is A Way Of Making Backlinks Through Which You Can Quickly Rank Your Website.

For This, First You Have To Find 10 To 15 High Traffic Blogs Related To The Niche Of Your Blog After Finding The Blogs You Have To Write High-Quality Posts And Request To Publish On Their Website.

They Will Publish Your Blog Post On Their Website And Put Your Name And Website Link There.

So That The Reputation Of Your Website, Will Increase And You Will Get High-Quality Backlink Too.

Now Let Me Tell You How Many Of You People Will Write A Guest Post To Increase Their Ranking After Reading This Article Completely

Forum Posting

Forum Posting Is Also A Great Way To Make High-Quality Backlinks And This Is A Very Easy Process.

Many Forum Posting Websites Are Available On The Internet Where You Can Easily Get High-Quality Backlink By Answering The Questions.

Personally, I Like This Method Of Making Backlinks And I Make Around 5 To 6 Backlinks Very Easily With Its Help From Where I Get Good Traffic.

If You Also Want To Do Forum Posting, Then I Personally Recommend You To Use Quora Because Quora Is A Very Old And Trusted Website.

From Where You Can Easily Create High-Quality Backlink For Your Website.

If You Want To Do Affiliate Marketing Then Quora Will Help You To Get More Sales On Your Affiliate Product.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Is A Way That Will Help You To Bring Traffic On Your Website, It Is Mostly Used To Advertise A Product Or Service.

As You Know, The Video Is The Future, Then I Would Recommend That If You Do Not Have Any Youtube Channel Yet.

Then Go Right Now And Create Your Channel And Share Your Knowledge Through The Video To The People.

Youtube, Facebook Watch, And IGTV These Are Three Very Popular Video Marketing Platforms That You Must Use.

Directory Submission

This Is A Very Easy And Free Way To Create Backlinks And Improving The Search Ranking Of The Site.

With This Help, You Can Index Your Website In All Search Engine Without Spending Money

The Process Of Sending Your Own Link To A Web Directory Is Called Web Directory Submission.

Benefits Of Web Directory Submission

Your Website Gets Quality And Safe Back Links.

Blog’s Domain Authority Increases.

Website’s Alexa Ranking Will Improved.

Your Website Posts And Pages Will Index Quickly.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Is A Way To Book The Links Of Web Pages On Social Media Platforms.

By Doing This, Any Web Page Gets Backlink Of Very High Quality.

Social Bookmarking Is A Very Good Off-Page SEO Technique That Has Many Advantages Like:

[su_spoiler title=”Advantages Of Social Bookmarking” style=”fancy”]You, Will Get A Lot Of Traffic From Social Media.

Your Alexa Ranking Will Increase.

You Get A High-Quality Backlink.[/su_spoiler]

Reddit, Pinterest, And Twitter Are The Most Famous Social Bookmarking Sites.

Image Submission

You Can Increase Your Blog’s Admire Needs By Sharing The Related Images To Your Blog’s Content On Different Image Sharing Sites.

One Of The Benefits Is That PR Is Too Much For Any Image Submission Sites. So Directly It Will Benefit Your Website As Well.

Techniques Of SEO

There Are Mainly Three Kinds Of SEO Techniques Which I Mentioned Below:

White Hat SEO

White Hat Seo Is A Technique That You Can Use To Get Millions Of Traffic On Your Website.

If You Use White Hat Seo Techniques, It Will Take Some Time To Rank, But You Will Be Able To Rank On Any Keyword For A Long Time.

Personally, Google Loves White Hat Seo Texics If You Use It On Your Website, You Will Never Get Any Penalties From Google.

Below Are Some White Hat Seo Techniques That You Must Have To Use.

[su_spoiler title=”Some White Hat SEO Techniques” style=”fancy”]Follow Search Engine Guidelines

Good quality content


Black Hat SEO

Black Hat Seo Is A Technique Of Seo That You Can Easily Rank On Any Keyword But It Has Lots Of Disadvantages

If You Use Black Hat Seo Technics And Your Website Is On Blogger, Then Your Website Can Be Suspended At Any Time.

And If You Use Black Hat Seo Techniques On WordPress, Then Your Website Can Get A Penalty From Google And Your Website Can Be Out Of Indexing.

[su_spoiler title=”Some Black Hat SEO Techniques” style=”fancy”]Cloaking

Keyword Stuffing

Page Hijacking[/su_spoiler]

Now The Question Is That Which Seo Technique Is Good For Our Blog Then I Must Recommend You To Use Only White Hat Seo Techniques And Never Use Black Hat Seo Techniques.


Now You Have A Great Knowledge Of Seo I Hope You Liked This Post If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions Then Freely Mention It In The Comment Section.

If You Found This What Is Seo (Search Engine Optimization) And How Does It Work? Reliable And Helpful.

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