​​Are you looking for the honest review of SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks?

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Siteground & Greengeeks both are popular web hosting services. But which one is best?

In this post, I’ll help you to find the best web hosting service among them.

Siteground Overview


WordPress itself recommends Siteground Hosting because of the fantastic services they offer.Siteground Hosting Company was founded in 2004.

They have served over 1.9 Million Domains on the internet.

One technology I like the most in Siteground is letting you choose their Data Centres while signing up for the web hosting service.

Siteground has 3 Data Centres in three different continents, such as in USA, Singapore, and Europe.

Greengeeks Overview


Greengeeks is a California based eco-friendly web hosting company. Till now, they had served over 1.8 Million Domains over 150 Nations.

The main focus of Greengeeks web hosting is to provide the super-fast Hosting and CloudFlare CDN and SSD Storage.

​Greengeeks is the Best Option for Beginners as their pricing was affordable as compared to Siteground Web Hosting.

​SiteGround ​Vs Greengeeks: Plans

Siteground Shared hosting Plans are divided into three parts, such as – Startup Plan, GrowBig Plan, and GoGeek Plan.

The Basic Plan of Siteground starts from $6.99/month, and advanced Plans starts from $14.99/month.

SiteGround Plans

​Greengeeks shared hosting Plans are also divided into 3 Parts such as – Lite, Pro, and Premium plan.

The Basic Plan of GreenGeeks starts from $2.95/month, and advanced Plans starts from $11.95/month.

GreenGeeks Plans

Pricing Comparison

​Siteground was considered the Best and Affordable Hosting before, But now they have drastically increased their pricing.

After the increase in price, many siteground users migrate their sites to Greengeeks because they’ll get the same service at their affordable price.

Here is the Pricing Comparison between Greengeeks and Siteground.


If you found the above pricing out of your budget, then wait for November 2024 because there will be a Black Friday Sale on Web Hosting.

3. Features

SiteGround is considered as the best and most famous web hosting company trusted by many Businesses and Bloggers in the Industry.

​GreenGeeks comes with the Excellent Performance, which will boost your Website Speed, and they have advanced security that will ensure protection from malware attacks on your Website.

​Siteground Features

​1. 99.99% Uptime

​Siteground promises 99.99% hosting uptime, and it is true with the siteground you will not face Website down problems.

SiteGround Hosting Uptime

Source: Shoutmeloud

2. Free & Regular Backup

​Whenever you modify or update your Website database then siteground backup all your precious data to ensure data protection. You will be getting Free and Regular updates in Siteground.

​3. Advanced Customer Support

​Siteground provides superior 24/7 Customer support, and you don’t need to wait in a long queue. You will be in touch with their customer support team within a few seconds.

SiteGround Support

​4. Free Email Accounts

​Siteground Offers Free Email Account on their Shared Web Hosting Plans as well as on other plans. You can create your Business Email easily without any charge.

​5. Free Website Migration

​If you want to migrate your Website from other hosting to Siteground Hosting, you don’t need to pay for Migration Charge like other hostings.

​6. Free SSL Certificate

​SSL Certificate is a must for every Website to provide a secured encrypted connection between user and server. Siteground offers Free SSL Certification.

​Greengeeks Features

1. Unlimited SSD Web Spaces

​No need to worry about data storage because nowadays, hosting companies are using the SSD storage technology. It improves the performance of the websites, and Greengeeks offers Unlimited SSD Web Storage.

​2. Free Domain Name for First Year

​You don’t need to worry about data storage because nowadays, hosting companies are using the SSD storage technology.It improves the performance of the websites, and Greengeeks offers Unlimited SSD Web Storage.

​3. Free SSL Certificate

​Greengeeks also offers Free SSL Certification for the Website to provide a secure encrypted connection between user and server.

​4. Free Unlimited Email Accounts

​Greengeeks offers Unlimited Email Accounts at Free of Cost with the help of that you can create unlimited emails for your business.

​5. Regular Backups

Greengeeks also will regularly backup your Website data and will protect you from website Data Loss.

I hope you all loved the above hosting features of Siteground and Greengeeks.

I’ll recommend you to go with Greengeeks because they will offer Free Domain Name along with Hosting and many more awesome features you will enjoy with Greengeeks Hosting.

​If you are well settled in the digital platform and looking for ​superior quality hosting, then Siteground is the best choice for you.

Uptime and Speed Comparison

Uptime & Speed are some of the crucial factors you need to look at before purchasing any Hosting.

Because If the services are up to date, but the Speed and uptime of the Hosting are less than, you’ll face many issues in the Website.

Every Hosting Company promises its users that they will provide 99.99% uptime and faster speed, but some of the Hosting failed to offer that much of Speed and uptime.

​As you can see in the above image, there is not much difference in their Speed and uptime. But still, Siteground offers 99.99% uptime and superior performance for the Website.

Siteground Uptime and Speed

SiteGround Loading Time

Source: Shoutmeloud

SiteGround Hosting Uptime

Source: Shoutmeloud

Greengeeks Uptime and Speed Image

GreenGeeks Speed

Source: Wpbeginner

GreenGeeks Uptime

Source: Hosting Manual

​SiteGround ​Vs GreenGeeks : cpanel

Almost All Hosting Companies offer cPanel for accessing web hosting accounts.

SitegRound cPanel

Siteground Hosting offers a one-click install facility. With the help of this feature, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. at one click.

Features you’ll get in Siteground cPanel.

  • Free Drag & Drop Sitebuilder
  • Free CMS Install
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
GreenGeeks cPanel

Greengeeks offers Drag and Drop Builder, So you can quickly launch your Website. Whether on WordPress or Any other Coding Platform.

Features you’ll get in Greengeeks cPanel.

  • Easily Deploy WordPress
  • Free cPanel Migration
  • Super Fast Performance
  • Advanced Security

​Customer Support Comparison

​Siteground is well known for its superior customer support, and many users are also satisfied with their Customer support service.

You can get customer support within a few seconds, and they will properly guide you through every aspect of website building with Siteground.Greengeeks offers 24/7 support via Phone, Email, or Live Chat. Greengeeks are also known for their customer support.

Greengeeks average response time ​is ​1 to ​5 minutes via Live Chat, and Phone Call and Email Support may take 24 hours for a response.

​Which One is Better SiteGround or GreenGeeks?

 ​Which One is Better Siteground or Greengeeks?​After my comparison between Siteground and Greengeeks, we concluded that Siteground is the better Hosting as compared to Greengeeks.

Siteground is a superior quality hosting at a premium price; they provide 99.99% uptime and fantastic performance for the website.

If you are well settled in Digital World and want to Expand your resources such as web hosting, servers etc. then Siteground will be the best choice.

Siteground is well known for their excellent support system also If you face any technical fault in hosting then their customer support team will guide you regarding your query.

You don’t need to wait for a long time for support. You will get phone call support within a few seconds.

On the other side, GreenGeeks offers hosting at affordable pricing, and sometimes they emphasize their commitment.

If you don’t want to invest much or you are a beginner planning to start a blog, then GreenGeeks will be the best choice for you.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about Hosting and Domains Set up then GreenGeeks is for you because if you purchase their Hosting they will provide Free Domain Name for the first year along with Hosting.

How to Get GreenGeeks and SiteGround at a Cheap Price?

You will get Huge Discount on Almost all Web Hosting including Greengeeks and SiteGround on Black Friday Deals 2024.

Mark Date on your Calendar that is 24th November 2024 you’ll be getting 75% Discounts on SiteGround and GreenGeeks Hosting.

If you miss this sale then you have to wait for the next sale because you will not get that much of a discount on other days.

So this is the Golden Opportunity for all of you guys!

​By any chance you miss this Black Friday Deals then you have to wait till Cyber Monday Sale.

​FAQ: GreenGeeks vs SiteGround 2024

Which Hosting is Cheap Siteground or Greengeeks?

Greengeeks is cheaper as compared to Siteground.

Which Hosting is Best for Beginners Siteground or Greengeeks? 

Greengeeks will be my answer because not all beginners invest much at their initial stage. Greengeeks Hosting will be affordable.

Which Hosting will provide the best support Siteground or Greengeek?

Both Hostings provide 24/7 superior support in a few seconds. You will get all your queries solved by their Technical Support Team.

How can I get Greengeek Plans at Cheap Price?

You’ll get an exclusive discount on Greengeeks hosting on Black Friday Deals, which will be held on 24th November 2024.

Which Hosting is Best for Web Developers?

Siteground and Greengeeks both offer Regular Data Backup of websites, so there is no risk of losing data. I’ll recommend Siteground.

Which Hosting Offers Free Domain Name? 

Greengeeks offers Free Domain Name for the First Year. You’ll be getting Free Domain Name only if you purchase their Hosting.

Which Hosting is Best Siteground or Greengeeks?

Best are both, but there are some differences between their features.
If you are a beginner and plan to Start a Blog, you can go with Greengeeks because you will get Hosting at an affordable price.

Siteground is no longer called an Affordable Hosting because of Huge Rise in their Pricing.

If you have guts and money to invest for the premium top-notch quality hosting, then Siteground is for you.

Which Hosting Offers Free SSL Certificate?

Both Greengeeks, as well as Siteground, offer Free SSL Certification.

Which Hosting is Best for Affiliates Websites?

I’ll vote for Siteground because for affiliate websites you need to have high uptime and speed for websites and for that purpose Siteground will be the best choice for you.


I am done with my Comparison, and Also I have shared the recommendation also.

I hope this article has helped you to choose the best Hosting according to your requirements such as SSD Storage, Uptime, Speed etc.

If you had any queries, then let me know in the comment section. Share on Social Media and Help them to choose the best web hosting.

​Thank You for Reading this Article.

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    After the price increase with Siteground, Greengeeks has become the preferred hosting provider for many people.

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