28 thoughts on “19+1 Top Social Bookmarking Sites To Increase Your Traffic In 2019”

  1. Hello Piyush

    Very Well written post Dude… Great information with images and step by step guide of how to bookmark a website…

    Just want to know Like how you frame your content for writing a post..

    Few tips from you will be appreciated.


    • First of thank you for your valuable comment and as you have asked the question how I frame my content for writing a post so let me tell you from a to z in short.
      My Steps:-
      1) Find Topic
      2) Keyword Research
      3) Outline Content
      4) Make A Structure
      5) My Post Is Divided Among Three Parts – Intro, Body, Conclusion
      6) Proper On Page SEO
      7) Add Media If Needed

  2. I without a doubt appreciate the manner in which you continue posting such surprising and invaluable articles and continue refreshing your blog with most recent direction. Keep up this colossal work. Keep composing.

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