Wet Clay Link Building – Hey do you want to get high authority backlinks for your website to rank your articles quickly on google and want to earn money.

So, today here I’m going to show you an amazing Link Building method that is called Wet Clay Link Building.

This method will help you to get more opportunities to Build High-Quality Backlinks.

But wait wait,

If you are thinking that this is an easy method to create Backlinks then you are wrong.

Because in this method you will have to do many things to get Backlinks.


In this guide, I’m going to share you some smart ways that you can use to get more opportunities and I’ll also share how can you convert your opportunities into profit (means Backlinks).

First of all, let me tell you that apart from this method there are many Link Building Strategies that you can use to create backlinks.

Some Link Building Strategies

But this is a very effective way to make high-quality backlinks. That’s the reason why I’m telling you about this method.

So without any further due let’s dive right in……

Before starting first of all let me tell you what is Wet Clay Link Building?

Wet Clay Link Building is a strategy to get Link Building Opportunities from freshly published articles.

I’m using this method since last few months and it helped me a lot for creating high-quality backlinks for my websites.

In this method, you will have to do a guest post on other websites that are related to your niche.

As I told you above in this method you will have to do a guest post on another website that is similar to your niche and also they should have some authority.

In wet clay link building, you will have to find freshly published articles and ask them for a guest post on their website.

The conversion rate of this method is about 70% for me. It means if you will ask for guest posting through this method then 7 out 10 owners will accept your request for a guest post.

This is How Wet Clay Link Building Works.

Why this Method works?

Sound amazing!

Do you also want to know why this method works like a charm so I’m going to tell you the reason behind the secret of this strategy?

So, are you ready?

Let’s know about it!

As you know someone is more active when they publish new content on their blog. So what we have to do in this case?

We Have to Target those People who have Just Published their Blog Post I mean 24 hours ago or 48 hours ago.

The People Who Just Published the Content on their websites is Called the “HOT LINKER” that means they are very open to link.

At this time if you will ask them for a link on their blog by submitting a guest post then they will definitely say YES!

I hope now you have successfully known how it works.

Now it’s time to find those peoples and implement this strategy to get more and more link building opportunities.

How To Find Those Peoples?

Before implementing this method we’ll have to find those people who have just published new content on their blog.

So, how to do that?

Let’s know!

Step: 1 – Open Google and type anything that is related to your niche. For example, I’m writing articles related to blogging, SEO, link building, etc.

So, I have searched on google how to start a blog (as you can see in the image below)

Wet Clay Link Building

Now you will have to apply some filters that are given below :- Go to tools >> Time >> Select past 24 hours

Now you have all the list of posts that are published within 24 hours as you know they are “Hot Linkers” so you have to pitch them for a guest post.

To pitch them you will have do find their email address and you can also use their contact forms.

Now you have to pitch them by sending this email –

[sociallocker id=”2244″]

[su_note note_color=”#efefef” text_color=”#000000″]Hey (Name)

I’m following your blog from last few weeks and there are amazing post, I was looking to contribute a guest post for your blog, I know the style of your writing and my post will be more amazing than you expect.

Otherwise, Keep Up your Awesome Work

Love and Respect,
(Your name) [/su_note]


After sending this email you will get a positive response from his side if you are not getting any reply then follow up means send this email again.

Now you have to write an amazing guest post of about 1000 – 1500 words with, outbound links, images, videos, and all On-Page SEO.

After writing guest post send it to the website owner and tell them I have added a link of mine post try to give a do-follow link to my article.

They will publish your article and you will get a do-follow link for your website.

That’s it now your work has been done.

Conclusion – Wet Clay Link Building: The Definitive Guide [2020]

In this article, you have successfully learned all the things about Wet Clay Link Building.

If you have any doubts regarding this you can leave a comment below I’ll try to give the answer to your question within 24 hours.

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  1. I never heard this term, is this something you have named it? Well, looks interesting as it seems little compared to typical guest bogging. But I feel little more explanation behind the name would add more value for readers to understand this link building technique. Anyway, it’s great to read something unique on your blog brother. Keep sharing more such useful tips & techniques.

    1. I came to know about this strategy in a seo course yes it’s similar to guest posting but this is a professional method and the conversin rate of this guest posting method is little higher than normal guest posting method.

  2. Hey Piyush,

    Just found it little interesting and new name in link building strategy.

    Bu the way, well explained, link building techniques to build high quality backlinks for a website.

    Hope to see more new inventions….!

  3. Hey, good night friend
    Your blog articles is very interesting & writing skills very nice. But I’m A’s blogger
    Ok thanks sir

  4. Hey Piyush,

    Great stuff! I’ve never heard of this technique before. This post is really interesting and the idea of this technique is also amazing. I’ll surely implement this and get back to you with the result.

    Thanks for writing this amazing piece of content. Really appreciate it.


  5. Awesome article! Piyush Bhai. I’m learning link building and this article taught me new type of link building.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Got a new technique!
    It’s really an amazing tact to build high-quality backlinks. I never heard of this technique before reading this article.
    Your writing skills are very impressive.

    Thanks a lot for this detailed post

  7. Hey Piyush!

    Thanks for this great content and yes, I learned a new link building technique here.

    As I’m learning different ways to build high-quality backlinks for my blog. So I must say, here on your blog, I got something interesting that may help to build quality links.

    Going to implement this “wet clay technique” right now. Thanks again for this helpful content.

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