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What Exact Blogging (EB) Is All About?

I (Piyush Yadav) started Exact Blogging in April 2019, because I was very curious to know more about SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and many more online stuff. So I thought let's start a website where I can share the experience I'm getting from my experiments and premium courses. On this website we generally share articles about Blogging, SEO, Content Writing, Link Building, Reviews, Website Designing etc.

About Piyush Yadav (Founder)!

Piyush Yadav is a 16-year old Blogger & Youtuber (with over 2000 followers), and owner of few most popular instagram pages (with over 450k followers). He loves to do experiment in various fields. His audience trust him because he's very straight-forwad and not like others who take to much time to share a very small information.

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